November 14, 2019


A psychotic man-hating feminist has used a Greens’ press conference to claim that hero firefighters battling to save lives and properties in the devastating bushfires sweeping the east-coast are all wife-beaters.

Stout and short-haired, Sherele Moody was by the side of Greens’ Senator Larissa Waters on Wednesday afternoon when she blurted out, “After a cataclysmic event like this, domestic violence peaks. Women become extremely unsafe when, generally, the men return home from the fires and subject them to domestic violence.”

If Moody was hoping to win hearts and minds with this selfish and deranged statement, she came up well short. Instead, Larissa Waters rushed to distance herself from Moody and her remarks, while Moody’s Facebook page was inundated with angry comments.

But that didn’t stop her using her Facebook account to make things worse, by posting, “What happens when domestic violence perpetrators finish their work on the frontline of a major crisis? They abuse women in their lives — harder than they ever have.”

A statement on behalf of the Greens’ senator said that the party, “does not support the statement made today by Sherele Moody that firefighters are responsible for an increase in domestic violence during times of disaster”.

She went on, “Ms Moody is not affiliated with the Greens and does not speak for us. Today’s press conference with Senator Waters was held to receive a petition regarding the Family Law Inquiry. Ms Moody chose to make comments regarding matters unrelated to the press conference without our prior knowledge.”

Balls to that, because the Greens absolutely endorse her a thousand percent, only they’re not prepared just at this moment in the bushfire crisis to say so. Maybe when the flames have settled a little bit then she and Waters might patch things up over a kale kombucha.

Moody heads an organisation called the Red Heart Campaign which obsessively follows the statistics of domestic violence against women and uses police databases to tally up those killed. 

She does not, of course, follow the figures of the number of men killed, and overlooked the irony in her fantastical statement regarding the threat women face when the heroes she is disparaging are in the most dangerous place in the country right now.

The trouble is that feminism is itself like a bushfire and madwomen like Moody, who hates men so much she styles herself on them, are the arsonists. They have a maturity level of a kindergarten prima donna and will say anything controversial just to get attention. Take for instance the Q&A feminist panel who all agreed that killing men was the hip thing to do for today’s radical feminists.

Even though none of them could successfully kill a garden spider without a man’s help, uttering this stuff gave them cheap thrills, but got their episode banned from ABC iView; something Ms Moody complained about on the Q&A Twitter page while urging others to follow her example.

Just as tens of thousands of Australian men gave their lives to protect Australia in World War 2, these firemen (and women) are putting their lives at risk to protect the likes of this feminist beast from hell. What do they get for their sacrifice? They get shat on by childish women who like to make the whole of existence entirely about themselves.

Oh, and Moody also happens to be an “award winning” News Corp journalist. We would’ve figured her more in The Guardian, Fairfax camp, but hey.

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