The people of Victoria have had nothing at all to say about Daniel Andrews selling them and in a sense the country, out to China.

In an act of the most stupendous treason imaginable, Andrews signed up Victoria to China’s conquest route otherwise known as its One Belt, One Road initiative. Any thinking person who has not taken bribes from Huang Xiangmo would know OBOR for what it is, the rest would be pitching on behalf of our colonisers.

You might say that sounds dramatic, and which is probably why the average Victorian has just nodded off again while evil happens on their watch. How bad can it be? It’s just business, after all, nothing but money, investment and whatnot.

Firstly, the debts that Andrews will be accruing, the partners that he’ll be dealing with, the terms he’ll be agreeing to, he’ll never have to account for. Long before that he’ll have taken a cushy job with a Chinese firm and it’ll be his successor who has to unravel this iniquitous confetti. It will be the workers of Victoria who get moved aside so that Chinese can fill jobs they desperately need as they slave away on starvation incomes. It will be the state of Victoria which will see its infrastructure owned in part or all by Communist China which will exert its control.

But the average Victorian is seemingly OK with that — there have been no protests, no indications that the people of Victoria recognise anything hinky in Andrews’ actions, which happened completely randomly, without a word to the federal government.

Speaking of which, the federal government also seems unwilling to censure Andrews for this gross act of betrayal. This should come as no surprise in that both sides of government are quick to take the cash off Chinese donors and then point the finger at the other.

The Liberals are just as guilty of trading off our sovereignty for the personal gain of individual politicians that form a collective when they’re all tallied up.

This week NSW Police Minister David Elliot, already facing criticism for an act of road rage he was involved in with a teenage driver, has to answer about a circular email from his Liberal Party branch.

The group email, an invite to a fundraiser with him and NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, contained the names of 10 prohibited political donors. Among those was Chinese property developer Alex Wu, of Wu International Investments, who has been giving evidence before ICAC at the inquiry into Labor Donations.

Meanwhile, in Vic, there have been calls for Ryde mayor and his deputy to resign for failing to disclose a financial link to Beijing moneybags Huang Xiangmo. Deputy mayor Simon Zhou (real Aussie name that) was revealed by The Australian Financial Review did not reveal a $4m share in one of Xiangmo’s companies amidst the Eastwood Plaza property development.

This sort of thing is going on all over the country and the political class, long having turned their back on us odious plebs, have shed all pretence of representing the interests of the people who elect them; especially if a diaspora elects one of their own, such as is clearly the case with Chinaman Zhou.

It’s a story as old as time and nothing appears to be changing in this new ‘Woke’ age. Perhaps the reason Scott Morrison is so quiet is that he and his government are busily mulling over their own deals with China. Hot from his ‘best buddies’ meeting with Donald Trump, ScoMo has to make up lost ground with China as recent rumblings around things like universities die down.

The response to potentially embarrassing situations like that, which inevitably lead right to the top, is to feign a generalised outrage, go quiet for a while, and then enthusiastically revisit the “relationship” with a fresh emphasis on trade and cooperation. This is particularly the preferred method of a willow-like ScoMo who Xi Jinping could run out and wedgie on the world stage and Scott would pretend it was all in good humour.

Basically, when you’re done assessing all the information you can only arrive at the conclusion that the political class from either side are hell-bent on Asianising Australia — they stated so long ago when they spoke of ‘the Asian century’. That translates as ‘the end of European dominion’. This is what prompted arsehole Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to contentiously predict that “Australia will become more Asian than European.”

Some nationalists responded with horror when they heard that, which is surprising since he hasn’t said anything that isn’t true. This is why we are nationalists. The challenge is to prove him wrong, which isn’t going to be so easy when the most epochal betrayal, such as that by Daniel Andrews, doesn’t register so much as a quiet cough in the auditorium of public opinion.


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