November 6, 2019


NSW’s Australian of the Year has been chosen — the winner is 47-year-old Munjed Al Muderis.

If you think that’s a funny name for an Aussie, you’d be one of those racists who climbed Ayer’s Rock and took a Jimmy Riddle at the top.

Muderis fled “Saddam Hussein’s regime”, the most stabilising force in Iraq, following the illegal invasion by America and its cronies (including Australia).

After murdering the one-time US accomplice and triggering Bedlam, Iraqis leapt for joy and plotted which western country they’d hit-up for an easy life as asylum seekers; Muderis chose Australia.

Much is being made of his refugee advocacy. The Arab is a staunch promoter of asylum seekers and why wouldn’t he be?

If we smuggled our way into the VIP area of an exclusive venue we’d want to hustle in as many of our mates too. The only difference is, once the bouncers discovered us, we’d be launched head-first into the gutter. In Muderis’s case, he gets an award. And with the money that Muderis is on, he could fly everyone who shares his DNA into Sydney and set them up in Lakemba.

Following his Robinson Crusoe-style hardships on his journey to this great Westfield mall in the South-Pacific, Muderis found himself in prison, detention, and on Christmas Island. But now Muderis is addressed as “Professor” and could buy and sell a thousand Aussies. That’s because the Arab bastard is now a top orthopaedic surgeon. He even met the literal bastard Prince Harry in 2015 when he was showing off his SJW pretensions at Macquarie University Clinic.

So, having scammed his way into Australia thanks to its many decades of piss-weak, globalist leadership, he wants to see the country transformed by much more settlement from fake refugees from the third world. It’s his right as an Arab-refugee to demand as much now he’s NSW’s Australian of the Year.

Will a time ever come when an actual Australian is chosen for the Australian of the Year award?

Not likely, since there is no such thing as an Australian unless you’re either a migrant or preferably a refugee from the Middle East, China, Sri Lanka, India, Africa, or Boogawanaland.

Typical of refugees who demand more refugees in Australia and less “racist Australians” this high-flying doctor has made no plans to take his skills back where they’re needed: in his homeland. No, because he couldn’t expect to get paid what he does here and the lifestyle has nothing on the Aussie sun, if you can call it Aussie anymore. 

That’ll be the next thing the diaspora and Abo syndicates will want changed.

A royal bastard and an Arab bastard. The bastard on the right is the NSW Australian of the Year. More dinky-di than him you couldn't get

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