In a sign that our multiracial society is going gangbusters Australia’s Islamic leaders are deciding whether or not to post armed guards at mosques and religious schools around the country.

This would give them equality with Jewish schools and synagogues who are likewise protected by armed guards ‘just in case’. It would also prove that you can fill a country with a whole lot of different races and everyone will get along — as long as they’re armed to the teeth.

Back in the days when Australia was monocultural and full of ignorance about foreign cooking we were drab and unlucky people. We did not have the sophisticated level of violence that we see today. The only major act of terrorism in modern Oz was carried about by ASIO and the defunct NSW Special Branch when they bombed the Hilton Hotel and tried to frame Tim Anderson for it.

It was so boring you could leave your front door unlocked and no Africans would come along and do a home invasion on your property. It was so dull that there were never any Arab gang-related shootouts in the heart of your suburb. Yet, the 2014 Lindt cafe siege was an exciting time for Australia and the first serious attempt at a proper terror attack like they have in London and France.

Australia is definitely waking up from its slumber thanks to the globalists and multiracialism. Where once upon a time you could walk down the street and just see your own people, now you would be lucky to be recognised as Australian. The real Australians came by plane and boat about two years ago and can’t speak a word of that quavering babble you and I call English. The real Australians form ghettoes and make rivals out of other migrant communities.

So, the Australian National Imams Council, a solid Aussie institution, has no choice but to protect this traditional part of the Australian character — the Moslem place of worship — with ex-ISIS combatants.

Thanks to Australia’s non-discriminatory employment policies, Arabs and Indians are the only ones allowed security licenses in Australia, particularly if they’re a Moslem person. It’s one of those new rules that immigrants have made for us dumb Australians to keep us from becoming racist and hogging all the work for ourselves; as though we had a right to.

Bilal Rauf would never let an Aussie marry his daughter. He would never allow her to be seen without fifteen-yards of dark-black fabric draped over her body. He would not even let an Aussie brush against him in the street without rushing off to perform urgent religious cleansing rituals. But he did tell The Australian that he and his council made this decision, “just as the Jewish community has done, rightly, for some time to ensure safety at mosques and religious schools.”

Naturally, the council has Brenton Tarrant in mind. Since us Aussies are so resentful of the religion of peace and anyone different, the newcomers to our land not only need laws like 18c but weapons to protect themselves from us.

Rauf said, “We want to ensure safety at mosques and religious schools to quell the fear people have and give them some security. People with murderous designs have aggressively targeted mosques, synagogues and churches because that is when worshippers are most vulnerable with their backs turned.”

Yes, no Moslem has ever expressed hostility towards a Christian in Australia or a Jew. They have never attacked a church or synagogue. It’s only Nazis that do stuff like that and Australians are the Fuhrer’s Chosen People.

Australia would be a whole lot better off if Australians just left the country and begged the Moslems and blacks in Europe to allow us in as refugees.

We could ask the Jews for their permission.


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