Visiting Facebook following the ‘far-right’ purges it’s amusing to observe the extreme-left as it’s left yelling at clouds.

Any page, individual, or group that had prickled the state is gone leaving only those bland pseudo-nationalist pages that the uninformed clicks on (with the exception of Australia First Party, despite FB banning the party President and another media-savvy member).

Their nemeses have vanished, and so they’re left mocking only those who haven’t the guile to understand that Facebook is a doomed platform, which has caused all the major damages to emergent nationalism.

We shall call it emergent, all-be-it in the past tense because at one time it was. The potential that came out of the patriot explosion of 2015 was enormous. If nationalists had been able to impart to those who had commanded the spotlight into understanding the importance of a nativist focus then perhaps the perils of adopting such a platform might have been worth the pain. 

They didn’t. A lot of damage has since been caused, but then, in nationalism damage is always expected; it’s the nature of the beast. It’s those who can keep their heads and swim with them held high who survive the immature muckraking and disruption tactics which more so come from the blow-ins and irresponsible youth who seem destined to bulldoze their way in mistaking nationalist politics for some sort of teenage subculture.

But that isn’t quite the point of what we’re saying here. We think it’s wise of everyone from the rightist spectrum to abandon Facebook, and essentially, those who matter all have. It has been a genius move since in one swift, painless move, it has shut out the infectious trolls and especially those from the extreme-left. For the sake of this piece, we’ll call them Antis although they don’t really satisfy any label as their own politics are so disordered.

Yes, we visited Facebook and these ‘Anti’ pages to check out how things have been going. We do acknowledge that Facebook still disseminates a lion’s share of news, but as the platform becomes even more strident in banning anti-globalists this will leave no option for those FB refugees (sic) but create their own hangouts while the wiser will gravitate eventually to us nativists (or nationalists).

We use the term nativist now for the reason that it has long been the mission of the reactionaries to appropriate that title and bastardise it to their own suspect ends. Very soon they won’t be able to do that if all goes to plan, but that’s a story for another time.

Thus, with proverbial tumbleweeds blowing through Facebook, which is now overpopulated by Anti pages, it’s curious to see who they’re dishing out their uninformed brand of derision on. Of course, they’re still fixated on persons who were never regarded as nationalists in the first place, such as the Jewish civic-patriot Avi Yemini. Yemini has probably been deprived of a voice on Facebook, we didn’t check, but the notable thing, in fact, the point of this article, is that they seem concerned only with those who are remaining on Facebook.

Sure, one or two faces from the old days who crop up in the news get shared from Professor Rob Sparrow’s Slackbastard page but for the main, if you aren’t on Facebook then you don’t exist. This is very interesting since it suggests a sort of collective mania wherein this social media platform has become an insular world for them. You can only really prove a challenge to them if you too exist with a page and a stake in Zuckerberg’s online real estate.

This is remarkable psychology but understandable on a level since when you create sites like our wonderful nationalist online magazine it is totally troll-proof. Sure, folks like to interact with their media, but it’s that interaction which has compromised so many thus far and led to arrests of those like The Bendigo Three, Phil Gallea and Nathan Sykes, all who were targeted by specific individuals tied to the state.

It’s as though if they had simply gone off Facebook there would never have been a problem, which is fascinating information if we’re to gauge the significance of Facebook as a societal adjunct; in all its draining hazard.

Yet, being off Facebook is the best thing that could happen to nationalists and the mistake was believing that this hypothetical “reach” of posts, and the false sense of empowerment that accompanied a big “like”, “follower” and “share” base would translate into practical real-life support.

Some were only ever in it for the ersatz social media celebrity and merely existed to encourage it even if they themselves were unaware of that fact.

Take for instance ‘C’. We shan’t mention his name, as this isn’t about doxing. But C is a fine example of a naïve and unsuspecting character who was prepared to throw away tens of thousands of dollars and have his reputation utterly destroyed because on Facebook he was “someone”; regardless that all he was doing was feeding the Victorian government the bogey that they needed for their narrative. To those like him, notoriety was a poor man’s fame, and it’s every bit as addictive as the bigger kind. Yet, like all fame, it’s fleeting, and before they’re even aware it has gone leaving them naked and shivering in the bare light of reality. You would think they would learn that friends aren’t friends at all and that more often than not Fairweather comrades are out to stick you.

To this end, he found himself alone, and all those who loudly pledged to fall by his side split.

C still needs the ‘love’ of an audience, which he is now content to access in a massively diminished sum, from being a guest of a fledgeling social media floozy masquerading as a relevant political commentator. C is still one of those the ‘Antis’ on Facebook enjoy sledging even though nothing at all is to be gained from it and C himself was never a bad person at all; he was just swept up in a misdirected sentiment that might have had value had it been informed by wiser and more experienced minds.

Regardless of this sad footnote, those who have moved out of the garish gallery of Facebook may now be able to do some good. They may dictate the terms of engagement and vet who comes and goes and what kind of interaction they have with the healthy political vessel. They can maintain their message without fear of it being arbitrarily deleted by some alfalfa-junkie from the Facebook headquarters.

The quality of recruit will also prove better and less divisive as their journey through the ‘movement’ is more judiciously sponsored.

As to the Antis, they get their ‘two minutes of hate’, as Orwell would have it, screaming at the caricatures they themselves invented. For none really knows or understands the nationalists they’ve demonised, which is of little importance to us, suffice to say, the comments they make with the sharing of stories about those they hate is quite illuminating as to their joint mentality.

It’s frequent to see remarks ranging from puerile jibes about one’s appearance to the expectation that every nationalist should carry the bearing of a Viking warrior or not be taken seriously. If for instance one happens to be of a non-threatening appearance this is a betrayal of their notion of that particular individual; telling our side that we are expected to live up to their stereotypes (whereas they naturally live up to ours).

In essence, the whole thing seems to be about a fight for who has dominance over Facebook.

We merrily concede the platform to the Antis, as it is a globalist nexus, and they are the most ferocious of globalists.

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