October 31, 2019


A Victorian climbing instructor has been banned from the Grampians National Park for upsetting newly-minted ‘traditional owner corporations’ keen to exercise power over who accesses Australian wildlife parks.

Tori Dunn has been teaching rock climbing for over twenty years and is regarded as one of the finest. She is the owner and operator of the Grampians Mountain Adventure Company. Her clients include big corporations along with secondary and higher education institutions.

But she is no longer able to access the park because the Victorian government resented her criticism of their climber lockouts. On Wednesday, Parks Victoria took the persecutory step of banning her from the Summerday Valley in the Grampians. The Summerday Valley has the best and safest routes for teaching kiddies how to climb, and the ban acts as a restraint of trade.

She has understated the situation by saying, “I feel like I’m being targeted and bullied.”

The showdown has been coming ever since the Social Justice Warriors in the Victorian government set in motion bans on Australians other than ‘indigenous folk’ using the parks.

In July, a three-month extension was granted to licensed operators of rock-climbing tours. A set of stringent provisos accompanied the exemptions and will now apply to any licensees. These are more like indoctrination into Aboriginal spiritual superiority as they include completing “cultural heritage training”.

As a result of the passage of new laws, the Australian Climbing Association of Victoria was formed. Somewhat naively, the association believed that Parks Victoria was pitting them against the ‘traditional owners’ (oh, how we hate that term); the climbers seeing themselves as sharing the same values and desires.

However, Parks Victoria has the full support of the three traditional owner corporations (sic), which control the Grampians. Those are the Barengi Gadgin Land Council, Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owner Corporation, and Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation. So, you see, it’s no longer dreamtime but blackfella in businesstime.

Mike Tomkins, president of the ACAV said, “Attempting to exclude any individual from public land in this manner has no legal basis and this will not be tolerated. These intimidation tactics towards Tori Dunn by Parks Victoria are totally unacceptable and are a serious misuse of authority.”

The climbing has come into the spear-sites of the cocky black coalition of traditional owner corporations with unfounded claims of climbers “damaging” sacred sites. When they aren’t claiming damage has taken place their stance is a cautionary one, with ‘ancient rock art’ and ‘heritage’ well in mind. You might ask, what heritage? Aborigines don’t have a heritage because they were too lazy to invent writing. Come to think of it, they were too lazy to invent anything much. However, they did invent the stick.

The ‘sacredness’ of everything protected is so nebulous Monty Python might’ve dreamt up the wording being used. One of these is a new word being bandied by the Aboriginal fan society, ‘songlines’. There is no practical definition of what a songline is, but you’ll still be called ignorant and soulless for not knowing. It has nothing to do with songs so we can’t help you there. There are no lyrics, and just how rock climbers can endanger them is beyond us, but this is not about reason, this is about persuasion.

The other hilariously worded protected parkland is “areas of intangible cultural heritage.” We will pause there for a moment, readers, while you either stop laughing or punch something. Yes, you heard it, invisibility and areas that we must take the word of Abos are so rich in spiritual significance that the very air cannot be penetrated without desecration to these people’s primitive instincts.

Of course, the central fallacy at the heart of granting ‘Aboriginal corporations’ control of these parks lies in the myth of sacred sites. But worse yet is the greater misconception promoted by advocates of ‘treaty’ that White people do not share the same kinship with the land as blackfellas. This is not only untrue but outrageous and insulting. It is also a case of what these placard wavers would call ‘reverse racism’.

Effectively, we are being told we’re without any spirituality and simply desecrate the land; a bigoted myth that’s being potentially snowballed into legislation.

As it stands, the legality of these climber lockouts is untested and opinion has it they’re not even legal.

This is all rot spreading on from what the Rory Calhouns have been up to in the NT, shutting down Ayers Rock to climbers.

Tori Dunn has said she will not be intimidated and intends to bring matters to a head when she breaks the ban and teaches a group in the Summerday Valley on Thursday. Good luck to her; we advocate a program of civil disobedience where these ‘sacred sites’ are concerned. We respect truly sacred sites with rock art and whatnot and we naturally revile at anybody abusing the land. But if these things are properly policed then there is no reason to exclude Australians. We don’t mind banning foreigners, especially Chinese, but this country is ours; we conquered it fair and square.

Likewise, we think that this whole matter of Aboriginal spiritual superiority is the key to all of this nonsense. Call us white supremacists if you will but we don’t buy it. It’s all balls.

Now, if Aboriginals wish to negotiate treaties (which we oppose) then they’ll have to prove that they’re actually full-blooded blackfellas and not able to easily pass for a white person any day of the week. This industry of Aboriginal Ancestry, as tacky as it is, has gone on too long.

Too many fake Abos are being given a leading voice, and too many of them are being put in positions of decision making.

Tori Dunn banned by Parks Victoria for daring to criticize them

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