By jingo, I am sick to death of the media covering for Melbourne’s tiny but highly visible Anarcho-Communist rabble.

Fresh from hijacking the Extinction Rebellion global warming protest movement this month they have now turned their Philistine’s eye toward a mining industry conference being held at the Melbourne Convention and exhibition centre in Southbank.

The attempts to shut down this gathering of arch capitalists are not without merit, Aussie Nationalists, if we ever had the chance to govern, would nationalise the mines and expropriate the fortunes of the traitor ore barons as proceeds of crimes against the nation.

The trouble is that the protestors going off their heads today are a bunch of bums, fuckwits and losers who are hell-bent on shutting down any dissenting voices against late-stage capitalism who do not subscribe to their mad Commie dogma.

For Pete’s sake, the shambling gaggle of derros who marched with their red flags aloft in yesterday’s preliminary sorties could not have been more explicit in their display of fealty to the cult of Marxism.

This is not climate activism it is simply mob action for its own sake by front groups set up by campus troublemakers Socialist Alternative. All of the spokeswomen for this faux-left tendency are well known SaLt members and anyone who pays attention to the participants of these rallies will recognise the same old moth-like faces among the crowd.

See, this is what happens when Socialist Alternative and Antifa are deprived of an actual ideological opponent against which to measure themselves, with nothing better to do they turn on other nominally left and liberal groups and wreck them so that only their cackling flock of obese undergraduate girls and the snaggle-toothed, semi-male jellyfish who fancy them are visible on the streets.

They are not greenies, or conservationists or really sincere Marxists, they are a pack of spoilt bourgeois brats at the lower level of the sexual pecking order who are egged on by a cadre of cynical geriatrics in academia and the legal profession.

They are out to destroy any resistance to globalism or capitalism’s rape of the environment which does not accord with their weird and largely incomprehensible dogma. When they chant “Whose Streets? Our Streets!” they do not mean the workers of Melbourne they mean that narrow-minded clique of 100 or so batshit crazy degenerates outside “Jeff’s Shed” waving the hammer and sickle flags.

On their way to the Halloween festivities, this lot of jokers got lost

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