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Ayers Rock is closed to climbers in a blistering example of how lily-white liberal-snowflakes can manipulate Abos like Indian snake charmers making cobras dance.

The rock, apocryphally named ‘Uluru’ by some, has been an international tourist destination for years.

Tourists liked to climb the rock largely because it was there. No point travelling all the way to a harsh destination like NT just to take photos of the thing – which is the next pleasure likely to be banned on some bogus pretext of sacred rights. Besides, what else are you meant to do on a rock? Climbing rocks is what made White Man great.

It’s an open secret there is nothing at all sacred (well, there are a couple of men only parts and the like) about Ayers Rock, it’s plain bullshit. The anti-climbers have cited behaviour such as tourists urinating and defecating on The Rock as shameful grounds to stop the climbing. But where have walkabout boongs been excreting and taking a whiz lo these tens of thousands of years? In Portaloos? No, on the blinking ‘sacred ground’. Fuck knows what they wiped their arses with either.

Blackfella didn’t even think up this phony folklore, it was brought to them by cultural Marxist despoilers, who hate their own kind, and wish to elevate these primitives to some holy heights as amends for the eternal guilt they collectively feel about simply being alive.

So, they came up with godawful malarkey about it being “disrespectful”. How can you disrespect a friggin’ rock? Without several tonnes of explosives to give it a push, it’s an immovable object. Only blowing the fucker up would be disrespectful, it’s just a concocted narrative. Neither graffiti nor bodily waste products will last a millisecond in the life of The Rock. The Rock outlasts all, even the self-hating white elitists riling up Aboriginals to exercise non-existent religious rights.

This is about a cultural reorientation wherein we’re meant to buy some superior spirituality of the Abos and it doesn’t wash.

The Rock officially closed to climbers on Friday with the last stragglers descending the big red bump at around 7 pm. These defiant last climbers were accused by rubbish NITV host John Paul Janke, who’s done nicely out of white man’s opportunities, as “selfish”. This coming from a flagrantly conceited bunyip blowhard. Along with Anangu man Ryan Liddle, the pair drizzled on with negative commentary about the climbers — clearly based on the fact they were white — and accusing the group of making the closure “all about them”.

That’s nice coming from bigots who have made Ayers Rock all about themselves and shut out the rest of Australia and indeed the world. That’s the definition of selfish. That’s the definition also of making everything about them. They won’t turn down white man’s money, however, or any of his gifts or magic, but the white man himself they are on a mission to befuddle with every false code of semiotics that their Trotskyite puppeteers can fabricate.

It’s about time that white fellas declared some of our achievements, such as the creation of this entire country for instance, as a ‘sacred site’ and lock the black bastards up for trespassing.

If NITV and its wet-brain host don’t take the cake for puerile behaviour then the award goes to Marcia Langton of Melbourne University’s chair of Indigenous Studies. This Gandolf lookalike (apologies to Gandolf) aced all the racist black nanas with her venomous remark that “a curse will fall on all of them (the climbers)”. A curse now. A sacred site? Give us a fucking break. The only curse is that of the Pig’s Arse which blows out of mouths like Langton’s and Ken Wyatt.

Seriously, on the last day, they were even demanding atonement from the final climbers by asking them to consider “Uluru’s deep cultural significance.” We hope they did. It would’ve taken all of a millionth of a second since there was nothing to consider but the publicity bought out of the whole deal.

Again, it’s time to stop Aborigines crossing the sacred Harbour Bridge, or playing their heathen didgeridoos inside the Opera House. Their devilish and fake Welcome to Country ceremony should only be performed where it has cultural significance, up in the clouds with the rest of the flying pigs.

Readers, cop this once, you’ll be copping it forever. It is time to disrespect EVERYTHING Aboriginal for the sake of our people. 

Vote against ANYTHING in favour of advancing fake Aboriginal religious rights. Do your best to become a nativist iconoclast and climb the fucking thing anyway. What are they gonna do, lock you up? 

Martia Langton: actual photo

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