After news broke about how Victoria’s Sinophile and restaurant communist Premier had slunk off to Beijing to sign up Victoria to China’s evil One Belt, One Road the media was thrummingly silent. Initially, the SMH (or The Age) broke the story, but it was met with dead silence from the branded mainstream players.

It took The Australian two days to comment. It was as if they were considering their response and position. In the succeeding days, we now know what that position is: one of conformity and appeasement to Beijing.

Andrews had told nobody in the federal government as he committed the most treasonous act imaginable, an act that, by rights, he should be dragged out and publicly hung for. Make no mistake about what this man has done; most Australians are either apathetic to or ignorant of politics in general but on the question of China they’re downright blasé.

This is what years of consumerist conditioning have done for our countrymen: it has made them almost leery of anyone that has an opinion outside of what’s happening in the football or the cricket. Or is that women’s football and cricket, god knows, since Australians have been dozed off in their own private stupor so much has changed due to social vandals at the elite levels of Australian society.

And when we speak of those despoilers, they are typified none better than by Daniel Andrews, whose wormlike demeanour and lack of candidness is an open door to the man’s quisling character.

One would think that given how loudly the maggots from the mainstream media have been crying about their “freedoms” with their Right to Know shindig they’d have come some ways to figuring out just what such accountability they could expect from a Beijing puppet government.

Evidently not, because both the ABC and The Australian have been churning out human interest pieces on the Chinese diaspora rather than addressing the most monumental betrayal of not only Victoria but the nation.

For those who don’t understand the concept of One Belt, One Road, it can be summed up thusly: China sponsors a whole heap of ‘projects’ in your country, such as commercial and infrastructural, and then you are hopelessly in debt to Beijing, who will insist you make good the debt by having you hand over some asset of geostrategic importance; in Victoria’s case, Melbourne Port.

Thus far, only the Sri Lankans have rebelled against their government for signing them up to this guarantee of alien domination; Australians didn’t even look up from their dog basket when the imperial Chinese navy sailed into Sydney Harbour. Only a small group of nationalists from the Australia First Party turned out to protest that one. It was not considered an “issue” by the faker neo-Nazi youth and the anti-Islam self-described ‘patriots’.

Wherever China has commercial ‘interests’, just as America does, it will protect those whenever it fears they may be threatened. That means a nationalist uprising against them owning Melbourne Port, hypothetically speaking, would be met with a ‘police action’ from Beijing to ‘ensure peace’ and protect ‘its citizens and interests’.

When something as high stakes as the relationship they’re forging happens, one of obeisance to Beijing, you can rest assured that detractors who were considered on the lunatic fringe of the ‘far-right’ will now become a serious thorn for the powers that be beholden as they are to the dragon. You can expect arrests of Australian citizens ordered by China, just as has happened with America.

None of this has been explored by our enabling media. Only a couple of weeks back, the ABC blew the lid on the Group of Eight Universities and their charter of aiding Chinese imperialism against our nation. Following that 4-Corners program, it’s forgotten all that and is focusing on the majorly relevant issue of Chinese women and stereotypes about feminism and identity. Firstly, that’s all about us getting used to accepting Chinese as a rival race settling on our shores at the behest of a conspiratorial political class, and also to appease Beijing after that shameful dossier on the universities.

On Friday, the ABC appeared sandbagged into a piece about the Andrews One Belt, One Road deal that gave us ‘the facts’ without any controversial probing. It just itemised the matter in what it imagined was the empirical stratification of facts as a ‘needs must’ for the reader. The overall impact was of ‘move on, there’s nothing to worry about here’.

Today, we got to learn about how vibrant Box Hill, the suburb in Melbourne which is so ethnically cleansed of all but Chinese that the local cop shop flew the Chinese flag on Communist China’s 70th anniversary, serves as a halfway house for the Chinese influx so they may get used to Australia in an environment where they are surrounded entirely by other Chinese. It ended with the usual castigation of Anglo-Celtic-Europeans with a mention of how “racism” dogs the unstoppable growth of the migrant population in a broad and nonspecific sense. Basically, it’s good that Box Hill and other Australian suburbs are entirely Chinese, but what’s more, there’s calming normality to it.

From The Australian we got a story on how Scott Morrison’s right-hand man, Alex Hawke, said that Australia will be a “willing partner” with China in the Pacific on infrastructure projects. Whether that’s slyness or abject acquiescence we can’t be sure; most likely the latter.

The Weekend Australian was a veritable feast for easing Beijing jitters with some ‘sensible’ journalism from the independent-minded ‘Judith Nielson Institute for Journalism & Ideas’, of which The Oz’s ‘editor-at-large’ the confirmed Sinophile Paul Kelly sits on the board. We learned about Singapore’s Chinese diaspora community perhaps in anticipation of how we shall soon become second-class citizens to our own. It was tame, it was lame, it was missing the point entirely.

We don’t give a damn about the diaspora community in Singapore since we know what Beijing’s uses for them are. We are concerned with 1.2m yellow bastards already here; some of whom knew about China’s naval invasion of Sydney Harbour before anyone in the Australian government.

A media that offers no analysis on a national betrayal such as that by Daniel Andrews should not complain about government intrusion into their ‘profession’. They are, have always been, and will continue to be a tool of control. Anything else regarding liberty and truth is all just fantastical pap to feed the boozy journalistic ego.

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