October 24, 2019


Scott Morrison hit the nail on the head the other day when addressing a Diwali function in Parliament’s Great Hall.

In his speech to the Hindu Council of Australia (sigh), he equated Australia’s multiracial society with a “tasty blend of garam masala spices”.

But what he was really admitting is that these curries are so numerous now, giving the Chinese invaders a run for their money, that Australia is basically one big bowl of sloppy curry in the South Pacific. It certainly stinks like one where we come from.

Whether he was trying to ingratiate himself with the pungent Punjabis for mercenarily conservative reasons (business), or if he was sincere, we can’t be sure. However, as we say, he was spot on.

Morrison has in the past made media mileage out of his passion for curries and shopping for spices, so who knows?

Firstly, for those who don’t know what Diwali (like us, who had to look it up) is it’s a five-day festival of lights where they illuminate their homes with bright lights and make sacrifices to a five-armed devil known as Krishna. Or something. Who cares, it’s not Australian. And stinking ceremonies like that don’t belong here, either do Indian ghettoes.

Those tracts of our cities not enveloped by the colourless cultural revisionism of the Communist Chinese now resemble parts of Mumbai. And you don’t even need your eyes to provide the evidence as certain streets in Sydney are so dense with Indian populations you only have to lift your nose in the air for all the proof you’ll need. The place fairly reeks of curry cooking.

Getting back to ScoMo though, he told the sea of beaming brown faces,
“As I often talk about at functions like this, there are many metaphors given to explain multiculturalism in Australia, but the one I like best is garam masala.”

Whereas, we prefer to invoke comparisons with Babylon. But he went on, “Getting the cloves and the black cardamom and all this, and you put it all together.

“You have any one of them on their own, rubbish. Doesn’t leave a good taste in the mouth. But when you blend them all together, you crunch them up… wow. And that is the fragrance of that comes from Australia’s multicultural society.”

Well, Morrison, you trouser-polluting Christian-whackjob, that’s a bunch of horse hockey right there.

Not only is that one of the most lazily-cobbled-together speeches you’ve ever recited, but we find the message like a call to war!

Are you seriously saying that with only one race, which you compare to a clove or black cardamom, the society is rubbish? In fact, the only reason our society is rubbish is BECAUSE of all these spices, as you so treasonously allegorise.

If that wasn’t enough of a reason to hunt the bastard down like a lost ranga and cave his head in with a shovel, he went on to babble, “We often speak of the 26,000 Australians who were casualties at Gallipoli. But what we don’t often speak of is the 1400 Indians who fell and the more than 3500 who were wounded in that battle side by side with our Anzacs.”

For Christ’s sake, you great pogo, there’s a bit of a numerical disparity between 26,000 and 3,500 plus whatever. Given the size of their nation, it stands to reason the other half a million had it on their toes before the bullets even started firing, the cowardly wogs. And what the fuck are you besmirching the memory of our fallen Anzacs for by trying to turn them into martyrs for a multiracial society? If the survivors of Gallipoli had returned to find Australia in the state you lot have it in now, they’d have turned their guns on you and ever damned curry they found festering.

The only thing we have in common with India is curry and even that’s a British invention. Indians don’t eat curries like that, they eat horrible fish-head curries and crap full of tasteless string beans, and that’s only after a hundred of the village men have packed raped the neighbour’s three-month-old baby daughter.

Still, the way you and the globalists are running the country, ScoMo, the curry comparison is right on. Only it’s not like whatever hoity dish you’re trying to say it is — it’s more like a stinky, diarrhoea-looking Vindaloo.

Shame on you Morrison, we’d like to launch you into outer spice. Trouble is, though, with the recent news about uber traitor Daniel Andrews cowardly signing Victoria over to Beijing’s imperial forces, he is wrong about Australia being a curry — it’s a big plate of $5:00 special Kung Pow chicken with fried rice.

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