October 21, 2019


Ayers Rock, no climb

Old magic, big crime

Truth told, big lie

Welcome to country

Dream trance, it’s their thingo

Brought to you by Ernie Dingo

Say, bud, learn the lingo

Welcome to country

Sand dance, puffing smoke

Seriously, is this a joke?

None of that, or you’re in the poke

Welcome to country

Tourist dollar, refugees

More students than degrees

More flags than the UN

Welcome to country

In response, here’s our answer

Beware, liberal cancer

Foreign tune, native dancer

Welcome to country

Aussie flag, it’s so red

A racist under every bed

Wherever whitey fled

Welcome to country

For sale, must go

The ports, farms, the whole show

Your old mum’s family home

Welcome to country

Touch down, Mascot airport

All around, Asian imports

Patted down, by a Swami

Welcome to country

Taxi cab, at the rank

Another curry, no thanks

Babylon by any name

Welcome to country

What’s with the false statistics?

The souvenir dreamtime mystics

Throw away the sane logistics

Welcome to country

Black puppet, white strings

Paper arrows, verbal slings

All the disease the world brings

Welcome to country

High rise, oh my

Lacking plans, plant pie

Reaping what another mob sowed

Welcome to country

Kicked dog, don’t grovel

Never settle for a hovel

You’ll call them sir on the morrow

Welcome to country

In debt, join the club

Cash it in, shut the pub

A row of apples and a ping

Welcome to country

Me worry? Yeah, right

Book me on the next flight

Take me where it’s outta sight

Farewell to country

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