October 21, 2019


Today the nation’s media companies censored their own front pages in what they’re calling a united front demanding greater journalistic freedom citing what The Australian hilariously described as an “attack on journalists”.

They flapped their gums about their right to hold the government to public accountability, as the government is growing ever more secretive, but whoever holds the media accountable?

To bring the media to account for its never-ending defamations you need millions of dollars, and a legal team resembling a mafia hit squad. In the absence of those, you must rely on the media to investigate itself. Yeah, right…

Moreover, there is no authoritative body with binding powers to compel the media to play straight unless it’s the Press Council. Whenever the Press Council makes a ruling against a media company you can usually find a retraction buried somewhere under an avalanche of content in the reprimanded publication. Yes, indeed, they’re all having a laugh.

They’ve had it their way for so long that when a government comes along with what the New York Times labelled an agenda of a “secretive democracy” they soiled themselves.

This is all about Annika Smethurst, along with a couple of dirtbag ABC journalists, who’re being investigated for holding information blown their way by a snitch. The latter aimed to misuse this information and attack the credibility of some in the military, just as Fairfax scum tried to ruin the reputation of Victoria cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith.

When the media becomes targeted, they cry foul. But they revel in destroying the lives of others in pursuit of an ideological assassination, or even just a 24-carat headline to garner clickbait.

The road is littered with the victims of the media. In the case of nationalists, it’s a conspiracy between the two that has ruined individuals and impugned organisations, and they can’t be questioned because ‘they’re the media’. This is what a barrister actually told an Australian Nationalist who has a legitimate grievance against both a major publisher and its journalist(s).

We shall not name the hero in question, but in the coming months, we’ll be talking directly with him.

When we contacted him today for an anonymous quote, he told us, “I was stalked by a journalist, who threatened me, defamed me, and tried to set me up for an assault. The police did nothing. The company printed this person’s lies unchecked. It was a story riddled with falsehoods, hearsay, and just straight-out malice. It did not resemble investigative journalism but that bothered nobody at the company.”

He explained, “When I was discussing the matter with my barrister, and offering proof, he tried to discount my complaint because this joker was supposedly an investigative journalist. He tried to impress upon me that this is all that the magistrate would see. I argued he wasn’t really a journalist, but he suggested the fact he had that masthead name behind him meant more than actual facts.”

When asked about his feelings on today’s stunt by media companies he laughed, “In my case, the media company in question was working WITH police to create charges against me. They are dangerous, they are unchecked, and if the government is giving them grief, I hope the both of them end up impaled on rusty garden rakes.”

Given that media like ours run the gauntlet of both government and the main$tream media (sic) it should be little surprise that we are indifferent to the position of either side.

We simply don’t care if they drag away the journalists and shoot them in the dead of night because when the revolution happens, we’ll be dragging off the lot of them away to throw down disused mineshafts.

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