October 20, 2019


Three brave bottle-shop workers have fought off an attack by armed African shop-raiders after one of their own who was captured by staff during a bungled robbery by the gang.

The assault on the family-owned Doveton business on Friday marked the third robbery the business has sustained in a short period. As usual, the police were off in doughnut land or stocking shelves for Chinese business owners.

The situation kicked off after employee Jason Sawan became suspicious of the gang who were loitering around the store. It is not clear from the report on 9 News, but he was alerted to something by the group’s behaviour (or by the fact they were African which amounts to the same thing). Consequently, he pressed the panic button bringing store owner and relative Eddie Sawan to the front of the store.

The group then attempted to flee but 64-year-old grandfather Eddie Sawan managed to grapple one of them in a headlock. The captured youth was then wrestled to the ground as another employee grabbed a baseball bat and chased another of the ‘youths’.

One of the staff called the police but a short time later the rest of the group returned with stakes and began attacking the doors, eventually smashing through them and retrieving their accomplice.

While this went on, two tradies demurred from intervening. The pair of Hi-Vis heroes can be seen on the video courageously turning away from offering any help. During the melee, one of the workers sustained injuries and needed treatment.

The raid on the store had been premeditated as a black Commodore getaway vehicle was waiting for the crew of all-blacks in a neighbouring street. Despite so valiantly defending their business, the raiders made off with six bottles of liquor; no doubt far less than they had planned for.

Mr Sawan told 9 News, “There was a little war going on, bottles being thrown left, right and centre.”

Critical of police response times, he added, “We need to be able to protect ourselves. This is life and death now behind the registers. We just had to let them go and as a result, they smashed up the shop.”

Previously this year, a knifeman held the store up, and a ram raid on the premises cost the owners $20,000.

Victoria is in a situation where the symptoms are serious and the cause is well understood but nothing will be done to prevent either. It’s as simple as saying ‘No… more… Africans!’

Even if these Hutu Hooligans are caught their journey through the Victorian legal system will be like a visit to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

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