It is reasonably obvious to me that the Phil Galea trial in the Victorian
Supreme Court is a show trial, set up to prove that terrorism from the
so-called ‘Far Right’, is essentially real.

After all, media, academics, intelligence agencies and politicians are all in tandem, crying out for action against this Far Right because it is bound to turn to violence.

And voila, as a gift from heaven, a funny old fellow called Phil – gives them exactly what they all want. He is said to be obsessed with Islam in our country, the inability of the police to handle their terrorist extremism and the Extreme-Left which he sees as facilitating Muslim immigration at every turn. So, he decides to fight back and hatches a plan to attack a number of leftist hangouts in Melbourne. He thinks the secret-cops will even give him the nod. But he gets caught. The ever-vigilant counter-terrorism boys get on his trail and intercept his calls and lots more. Phil gets busted and brought before the court.

Great story, but there is something smelly about it.

Felicity Gerry QC, counsel for Phil Galea, claimed in court yesterday that her client was actually trying to flush out a “mole” who had joined the patriot groups in Victoria. The mole was working for the security section of Victoria Police, but also selling out to the Left. “He put together a fake plan which would expose the police informer he believed to be acting against right-wing groups,” she said.

On my estimation, this is probably closer to the truth than the Prosecution’s story that Phil was about to run amok, although it may well be that the mole, or other moles, was/were very close indeed, moulding Phil’s words, creating his thoughts, guiding actions that might look like a terrorist scheme. Perhaps a conspiracy to commit terror makes for an even better outcome, especially when Victoria Police is playing the public game of being the honest force keeping extremes of Right and Left apart, dealing with inadequate funding and deficient laws, things naturally rectified if a few plots come out into the open.

It is an open secret now amongst nationalists and many of the ex-patriots too, that ‘moles’ did indeed operate with the anti-Islam movement ‘Reclaim Australia’ and its various spin-offs and derivatives. Certain names have come up. It has also been said that Antifa, the anarchist structure that came out onto the streets in Melbourne to violently challenge the Far Right, had shifty leaders at the top who were working to bring on the confrontation the ‘even-handed’ security boys could feed on.

The problem with a trial under our system of justice is that it is not an inquiry to find the whole truth, but simply a mechanism to prove (sic) if it can, a case (sic) against a person for this or that offence. The truth may not be brought out in a trial at all. Every lawyer and judicial officer worth ten cents knows that, although the general public might not know what these words mean. And right now I don’t have the time to tell you either! It might even be that Galea will be found ‘guilty’, which is a great way to hide what was really going on.

Today, I took the course of talking to Felicity Gerry’s office (a call probably recorded at her end, Royal Commissions into legal privilege notwithstanding) to drop a few names of likely informants. One lives in hope! A subpoena here and there could flush the Galea case down the loo and Phil can just go home.

Yet, that still doesn’t fix the problem of the informers of Right and Left who brought Galea to court and who have plagued political protest of all sorts for a long time. Nought can be said about that subject, lest some security bloke takes that as a threat from me that I fantasise about kicking his dog.

Dr Jim Saleam is president of the Australia First Party and holds a Doctorate in Philosophy.

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