Susan Jakobi’s speech outside Box Hill Police Station yesterday is being commended by Australian nationalists.

Susan gave an eight-minute address to those gathered to protest the singing of the Chinese national anthem and raising of the communist Chinese flag on Red China National Day at Box Hill Police Station.

She managed to hit all the right notes, reminding the crowd how “Many seem to have let pass them by that China actually physically invaded our country in June when their naval ships sailed unannounced into Sydney Harbour.”

Box Hill and its surrounding areas have become densely Chinese. Given how the area has been effectively cleansed of White Australians, by raising their flag, the Chinese gathered on the day declared a kind of victory over us.

The multicultural narrative that was used by the apologist Victorian Police Commissioner to explain this act of treason was flatly trumped by Susan who pointed out that this was but one culture in that melting pot. Having the others unrepresented proved this wasn’t about multi but mono, and that monoculture isn’t European but Chinese.

“If they flew the flag of every country whose ‘community’ is here then Box Hill Police Station would resemble the United Nations,” she said.

Quite true, this was clearly a singular overture to China and follows a trend begun by the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews when he signed Victoria up to the One Belt, One Road initiative with a memorandum of understanding.

For those who don’t know, this is a supposed trading route that joins dots on a map of a new imperial China. It is a plan for conquest and Andrews’ act should be regarded as high treason by Australians who are being kept in the dark about the true extent of Chinese influence in our government, military, and universities.

Yesterday’s protest drew a small but eclectic crowd of around 14, in a demonstration that was audacious from the point of view they were demonstrating against a police station. There was little need to call for a police presence.

Naturally, a cluster of antifascists managed to tear themselves away from their bongs and travel out, ostensibly to counter the anti-communist protesters but ended up standing watching them with no actual moves or anything to say for themselves.


We don’t know about you, but we’re totally intimidated

They turned up because the serial voyeurs of the ruling-class anarchist scene such as Slackbastard (Professor Rob Sparrow) and Tom Tanuki ‘alerted’ them to the event, citing it as an example of “Sinophobia”. We kid you not. They would defend the Chinese in the takeover of this country and initiate hostilities against those of us trying to preserve Australian sovereignty; demonizing patriots and championing the imperialist invader.


They came to smash the fash but chose instead to lean against a tree

However, these are the background details but as we always maintain, what matters most is the message. In that regard, we link you to a video of the demonstration and Susan Jakobi’s speech. We also have an interview with Sue on our Natwave radio which you can locate on the pull-down menu.


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