October 10, 2019


A former defence force supremo has warned that Australia faces invasion by migrant hordes from across the Indo-Pacific in the coming years, citing the rise of China as the main reason.

Speaking at ‘Pacific 2019’ maritime expo in Sydney retired Admiral Chris Barrie who headed the defence forces from 1998 to 2002 sounded the alarm. In an address to the expo he cautioned that by 2050 “we will be encircled by China whether we like it or not.”

The rising superpower will have created havoc for surrounding Asian nations whose people will flee to Australia for a taste of our incomparable democracy (sic) and generous welfare system. He said the regional ruckus will make the Atlantic “look like a benign place.”

This biennial expo is (quoting its website) “the only comprehensive international exhibition of its kind in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.” Its purpose is to “provide the essential showcase for commercial maritime and naval defence industries to promote their capabilities to decision-makers from around the world.”

To simplify that, it is where shipbuilders and naval arms dealers come to flog their waterproof wares to the mugs who run our defence forces. They are here to flog warships, submarines, and nuclear rubber ducks.

Given such, it’s little wonder that the People’s Liberation Army-Navy has sent along a delegation of their funny looking brass to spy on the occasion. Specifically, they’re here to check out our $50 billion submarine fleet.

No doubt, they were on-hand to overhear Chris Barrie’s caveats about our impending regional crisis and advise a suitable outraged response from Beijing.

Of itself, it doesn’t seem like the brightest idea to have China rock along with their cache of spyware, but we are assured that these are on an ‘approved list’ as a bunch of other applicants were, we assume, denied entry. That’s a bit hard to cop considering how firmly up our defence force’s arse China’s hand currently reaches.

But it doesn’t matter since top brass from the US were also in attendance with Admiral John C. Aquilino rabbiting about America’s special alliance with Australia, which won’t count for anything when the cards eventually fall.

To assuage any concerns that sane people might have about having these predatory gooks sniffing around among our potential military purchases, Naval Group released a statement saying that it had “not received an official approach for a briefing on the Future Submarine Program by the Chinese delegation but had provided an unclassified briefing on global capabilities, products and platforms to a number of delegations and members of industry who have visited our stand during Pacific 2019”.

Then again, China wouldn’t need any heads-up on our subs since they probably had all the intelligence on them before it fell in our navy chiefs’ in-trays.

Believe it or not, that mousy wench is our Minister for Foreign Affairs and used to be Defence Minister. Fittingly, her name is Marissa PAYNE


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