October 9, 2019


Pressure as such isn’t meant to stop

Detractors, swindlers, parasites, blocks

When the fists come down, they pelt like rocks

When I’m out there, a soldier, a tool

How far will I get without any fuel?

Running on empty, it’s not cool

It’s not karma, it’s not bad luck

You left me out there without any back-up


Out in the field, flat in the weeds

The routine patrols are all that I need

Kit the man out, takes some pluck

You’ve left me out there without any back-up

I’m surrounded, in a no-win rut

Every single day without any back-up


Where’s my back-up?

Where’s my partner?

It doesn’t ease up

It’s a disaster

It’s too damned simple to weave and duck

You left me out there without any back-up


Tuesdays, Thursdays, Monday week

A memory blackened with dirty deeds

Revenge served cold with boiled leaves

The battery is low and its signal weak

You seriously stand there and ask what’s up?

You left me out here without any back-up

Hard cheese, bit of bad luck, what?

Once again left without any back-up


Every movement, every flash of light

Every dogged smudge in my eerie sight

Every loner, each reproof

There can be no leak if there is no roof

Move aside, I am about to chuck

You left me out here without any back-up


When I’m out there, serving as a tool

An angry fish fighting in a poison pool

They sure do whimper, a curious squeal?

The good Lord sure fucked me on the deal

He pushed my eyes in, bashed my chops

Threw away the key and changed the locks

On a hiding-to-nothing of a foregone loss

Come in spinner, I give a toss


Charlie Delta Tango Bile

The end of the road in another mile

Leapfrog lifer, bend and smile

Grab a shovel and make a pile

Surrounded, in a no-win rut

Itchy toes turned sunny-side up

I can’t get traction, the wheels are stuck

Blessed Dunlop, boy does this suck

Once again left without any back-up

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