On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the communist debacle that became the US-led ‘economic miracle’ of China, its ambassador to Australia has made thinly-veiled-threats and admonitions.

According to Cheng Jingye, Australia should remember we depend on China for our economic survival. This is a less-than-subtle way of telling us, ‘do what we want, or we’ll stop buying this or that’.

Urging “greater respect” (allow unfettered access for Huawei to your 5G network and stop meddling with our meddling in your politics) and an end to “suspicions and prejudices”, (scrutiny of China’s ulterior motives) Cheng warned us our relationship with the US “should not be at the expense of China.”

He then ran through what was essentially a checklist of the Chinese clichés for browbeating and denials as catalogued by professor Clive Hamilton in his book warning of China’s growing influence in our country, Silent Invasion.

Firstly, he denied that China’s United Front Work Department is coordinating operations to influence Australia’s political, economic and academic institutions. This, of course, is a lie.

Secondly, he claimed that China wasn’t hacking our institutions and had nothing to do with major cyberattacks. Again, pork pies.

He then made the extraordinary remark that Chinese-Australians (an oxymoron) should serve as a “bridge and a bond between our two countries”. They already do, with most of them spying for China, and the rest waiting to be ready to join China’s military in the event of a takeover.

Jingye’s barefaced denials come at a time that the NSW corruption watchdog is looking into the Labor party ties to iffy donations from Communist party shadowy figures such as billionaire Huang Xiangmo.

Coming right out of Hamilton’s book, he then tried to play on western awkwardness about racial sensitivities, making a textbook swipe by claiming that any scrutiny of China’s activities “reminds people of the spectre of the White Australia policy.”

Drool, the White Australia policy. Sigh. If only we could click our fingers and bring that back tomorrow.

But let’s face it, as China’s efforts to force us into a tributary state continue, how long until those liberal fools come to see that the WAP is the only possible solution to resisting China.

As it stands, there are so many Chinese involved in sensitive areas of our national institutions that sorting the spies from the innocent is only possible by just kicking them all out. Then you don’t have to worry.

The central tenet of Jingye’s threat, moreover, is no threat at all. What exactly is it that Australia would be losing by cutting off all economic ties with China?

For one, we’d lose all those substandard building supplies which are causing towers to fall apart and go up in blazes and make a mockery of our once sound building standards of practise.

We would lose all the rubbish that gets dumped on our market, and tens of thousands of bogus Chinese ‘students’ who aim to takeover our cities will disappear.

The truth of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement is that it was hastily cobbled together by a traitor quisling called Andrew Robb, a former Liberal party minister.

Robb took so much money from the Chinese that he could start his own megabank in China.

Robb left politics and walked straight into a plum job with a Communist-party linked Chinese corporation. No surprises there, that is the standard reward for the traitor political class such as he and Sam Dastyari, and of course, Beijing Bob Carr.

The truth is there are no benefits to Australia from this trade agreement with China, it all goes one way.

Only mining oligarchs like Gina Rinehart and others who trade away what belongs to the Australian people profit in any way.

There are no benefits to the Australian people by having a special agreement whereby Chinese workers get to come here and take our pay. It doesn’t work in the reverse, by the way, just in case you were wondering.

There are no benefits in having our homes and land and water and electricity and food supply all bought up by the Chinese. It doesn’t serve us that we will have to buy back the scraps of the inedible stuff that they don’t want having taken from our farming and livestock the best produce.

There is nothing in the CHAFTA for Australia except cheap shoddily-made crap that falls apart after ten seconds. And it’s the Chinese who need what we have so badly to maintain their level of productivity.

They need our coal and our iron ore, and without our farming land, a third of their population will go hungry.

Australians must right away start to get wise to the Chinese devil and start organising against the traitor class.

That is the first necessary step before we can get down to business and drive the Chinaman out of our land.

This is what a Chinese invasion of Australia looks like

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