Australian murderer Jock Palfreeman is grizzling after being paroled from a 20-year-sentence for stabbing to death 19-year-old Bulgarian law student Andrei Monov because he remains in immigration detention. He would prefer to be free to run around stabbing Bulgarians who don’t want gypsies taking over their towns.

The former private schoolboy, now 32, styled himself as an antifascist social justice warrior as he undertook an ‘extended’ gap-year holiday around Europe following graduation in which he tried joining the British Army in 2007.

Yet, he has served only 11 years of the 20-year sentence handed down by a Bulgarian court after he fatally stabbed the unarmed Andrei Monov in a fight that he started. Several other locals were involved in the ruckus which began when the youths were sorting out a pair of gypsy troublemakers.

The case outraged Bulgaria and yet, despite his wanton criminality, Palfreeman has become something of a civil rights hero here, due to the multi-racialist narrative underscoring his story.

Notwithstanding the unbelieving mercy on the part of the three-man Court of Appeals, Palfreeman is making entitled noises as he is kept locked up in immigration detention to prevent him from knifing more ‘fascists.’ He is said to be being detained while awaiting a new passport from the Australian embassy in Athens.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria’s Prosecutor-General Sotir Tsatsarov petitioned the Bulgarian Supreme Court to overturn Palfreeman’s parole, a move which Palfreeman’s lawyer dismissed as “absurd”.

Palfreeman claims his ongoing incarceration is unfair because his passport has already been processed. “The embassy staff made me a new passport on Friday and brought in on Monday and an official copy was given to the immigration staff on Monday,” he sniffled. “The media [in Bulgaria] is being lied to when they’re being told by politicians that as soon as I get a passport I’m allowed to leave. That’s not true.”

However, truth is not Palfreeman’s strong suit.

After his arrest, Palfreeman lied to police about where he was staying and who he had been with that night. The lie enabled an English girl who’d witnessed the stabbing to flee the country before she could be forced to identify him as being the principal aggressor.

Palfreeman had claimed he acted in self-defence on 28 December 2007 when the stabbing occurred. However, the prosecution highlighted the fact that he’d been carrying a dangerous butterfly knife as if expecting trouble.

It was not the first time Palfreeman had been in bother for pulling a knife. In 2004, he was interviewed at Chatswood Police Station in Sydney in the aftermath of a serious stabbing at a party. For some reason, police failed to charge Palfreeman, even though the two victims positively identified Palfreeman as the stabber.

Claims of impropriety were levelled at the prosecution during Palfreeman’s trial. Police and witnesses were accused of changing their stories but Bulgaria was unanimous in its approval of the sentence handed down for “hooligan intent” and attempted murder.

His early release is disappointing given the message it sends to antifascist hooligans who appoint themselves as judges, juries and executioners in their deluded battle against an enemy of their dark fantasies.

Palfreeman murdered this lad, 19-year-old Andrei Monov

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