September 25, 2019


A celestial barbie for the fallen great

Up in the clouds, they celebrate

Henry Lawson with his tankard of ale

William Lane, Miles, Inky all hail

Lalor, Spence, Curtin, Calwell, Arthur Deakin

Eureka Valhalla is where they’ve been keepin’


The snow upon Perisher’s hills appears

After the divine sheep are sheared

When the Southern Cross burns in all its bright

Australian warriors feast at night

In a hall so vast, mighty and warm

Eureka Valhalla is where they’re reborn


The martyrs from the Ballarat fields

The chocolate soldiers, The Desert Rats

The fallen heroes from ANZAC cove

Those who sadly fought the Boors

And all Australians from all the wars

They live to feast each & every night

Eureka Valhalla is where they get tight


Where Dunlop no longer wearies

Carried home by Southern Valkyries

Not to rest but to feast anew

When the sun sets, a game of two-up or two

In the great hall where the bronzed recite

And Matilda waltzes in the torchlight

Sails upon the evening harbour

To rise again in Eureka Valhalla


Traitors will not wish them away

Or tear them out of history’s page

They will not call shame their due

Not the truest of the blue

The warrior, the labourer, the battling farmer

The larrikin, poet, the fair dinkum charmer

The top-end to Cockle Creek

Eureka Valhalla we shall shriek!

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