September 20, 2019


Confucius say, ‘He who take monkey on his back, must end up picking fleas’. He was referring to his country as being the monkey; predicting that one day Australia would be picking its flea-like people out of our nation’s hair.

One of those parasites is Liberal MP Gladys Liu. Gladys Liu is as Chinese as fried scorpion on a stick. Liu entered the Liberals’ Victorian campaign in the federal election to secure the Chinese vote, and it worked.

Her election victory made her the first celestial to be elected to the House of Representatives. Now, she is really in the Tom Yum soup.

But, let’s just pause for a moment to say, isn’t it odd that the Morrison government, which has drawn Beijing’s ire for new rules around foreign influence and interference, would field a candidate such as Liu? This is just one of the remarkable dualities of the Liberal Party, which can say one thing, and do another; although that’s a trait shared by all mainstream parties that serve ‘the system’ and not the country.

The ABC recently exposed Liu as being connected to organisations linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) United Front Work Department. If you’ve read your Clive Hamilton (Silent Invasion, Hardie Grant Books) you’ll know this is an organisation committed to qiaowu (pronounced chiow-wu).

This translates more-or-less as carrying on China’s interests overseas. In short, it means infiltrating and spreading Beijing’s propaganda – managing the host nation’s perceptions of China. It means mobilising local Chinese in its efforts to suborn the host country to its soft power takeover with the assistance of those who they’ve either paid off or who are naturally treasonous to Australia.

Random Chinese don’t just spring up in Australian public life without the CCP’s approval, which means that those like Liu and business tycoons such as Huang Xiangmo are all ‘connected’. When they get sprung, like Liu and Xiangmo, they exit stage-left before being replaced by the next shill waiting in the wings.

Liu was, of course, born in China and, like half her country, migrated to Australia in 1992. She joined the Libs in 2002 and was especially popular for her ability to squeeze the local Chinese community for donations. The diaspora here knows if they don’t hand over their coins their next of kin will be dragged off to have their organs forcibly removed back in China so there was no shortage of donors.

Between 2003 and 2015 Liu belonged to the Quandong chapter of the China Overseas Exchange Association, which covertly aids China’s plan to takeover every country on earth, including itself.

When pressed about her involvement with the COEA Liu feigned a bad memory. But then she miraculously remembered she had resigned from it and other groups. She claimed to have been ‘added to their membership lists’ without her knowledge, which, she reckons, is common practise. In fact, it’s bullshit.

Back in 2018, ASIO warned members of the Liberal Party not to deal with Liu because she was toxic. Malcolm Turnbull, then Prime Minister, pulled out of a Chinese New Year soiree with Liu after a personal warning from the ASIO boss.

Commie-linked parties had been fundraising for Liu when she ran in the 2014 elections in Victoria. It has also been revealed that Liu offered to write letters of recommendation for any Chinese students who campaigned for her. These letters would help them get permanent residency.

The blowback from the ABC program has been relentless. Liu went on Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky to do some damage control and she did indeed manage to control the damage in that she turned the controls all the way up to full. It was a train wreck; when Bolt wasn’t shuffling his notes distractedly, he was shaking his head disbelievingly.

The blithering woman wouldn’t answer any of the direct questions he put to her, such as whether China’s acquisition of the South China sea was lawful, or if Xi Jinping is a dictator. Indeed, she broke down like just about everything that is made in China.

Thus, Liu is torn between questions about her membership in Communist-linked parties and her dodgy fundraising.

Unsurprisingly, during 2017 Liu pushed for easier foreign investment in Australian farming land. At the time, she was president of the Victorian Liberal Party’s Eastern Multicultural Branch. If this wasn’t a flagrant move, not on behalf of Australians, but of the Communist Chinese Government which she serves then you call us pigeon pie and eat us up.

None of this overwhelming evidence of Liu’s unfitness to serve in Australian parliament stopped Scott Morrison from coming to her defence a week ago, accusing her critics of ‘racism’.

He said, “This has a very grubby undertone in terms of the smear that is being placed on Gladys Liu. I think people should reflect very carefully in the way they have sought to attack Gladys over this matter and the broader smear that I think is implied in that over more than one million [Chinese Australians].”

Pull the other one, ScoMo, it’s got frogs sucking on it. We always knew you were a traitor but now there’s no getting past it.

Morrison is under pressure to make his pan-faced parliamentarian issue a statement to parliament so that if she’s caught out lying, she can be found in contempt and face jail time. Of course, she should be facing a firing squad. As a spy, she must be executed, no ifs, buts, or ‘ahhsooo’s.

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