September 20, 2019


Australian antifascist killer, Jock Palfreeman, who stabbed-to-death an unarmed Bulgarian man supposedly in defence of gypsy scum is being paroled after 11 years behind bars.

The terrible news comes after Palfreeman, 32, had worked to shame the prison authorities by embarking on a 33-day hunger strike in the Bulgarian prison where he was serving a justified 20-year sentence for the killing.

Andrei Monov, 20, was a law student on a night out in Sofia with his mates when they started giving a gypsy scab a hard time. Gypsies are notorious throughout Europe for their parasitic behaviour, and the habitual crime they commit. Bulgaria is a nationalist-minded country.

But Palfreeman, who had graduated from the elite private King’s School a year before, and was on a European gap year, decided to stick his nose in. Already identifying himself as an ‘antifascist’, the hoity rich boy decided to play the hero, and come to the defence of the grubby gypsy criminal. A stoush ensued in which the details have been disputed, but Palfreeman pulled a knife and the next thing Monov was lying dead.

Public outrage followed the stabbing murder, and there were calls for the harshest penalty to be handed down to Palfreeman.

In 2009, a judge sentenced Palfreeman to 20 years for ‘murder with hooliganism’ and ‘attempted murder’ of another. He was sent to Sofia Central Maximum-Security prison where he caused trouble from the moment he arrived.

During his well-deserved time behind bars, Palfreeman became a cause célèbre for Antifascist Action and leftist groups. He constantly complained about the conditions, which were nothing like King’s School, or even the Novotel for that matter.

Palfreeman had gone to prison expecting to be treated like a visiting member of a royal family and hadn’t accepted any responsibility for his criminal actions. He never adequately explained why he was carrying a knife that evening, but it was certain he was hoping to target nationalists. He had not counted on being caught.

Nonetheless, whether it was political pressure or whatever, two members of a three-person panel decided to approve parole for him. This probably means he will not be able to leave Bulgaria, and if he so much as farts in the wrong direction he’ll find himself back behind bars.

The tragedy of this, apart from the fact that Andrei Monov would never go on to practise law, his example will inspire a new batch of rich antifascists to go around pasting up stickers on the streets of our cities. And we’ll have to peel them off again.

A mural makes a hero of a cold-blooded killer
R.I.P Andrei Monov (left)

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