September 18, 2019


A gang of African home invaders are nursing some hard-to-see bruises after picking on the wrong pair of Aussie blokes.

Two plucky Aussie lads meted out a swift piece of Southern Justice to the black bandits in a Melbourne suburb, and one of the heroes was still in his undies!

The sensational footage was captured earlier this month on CCTV at a house in Keilor and then shared to Facebook, the Daily Mail reports.

Two Africans had desperately fled the premises but were pursued by a tradie wearing a red hi-vis top and brandishing a sledgehammer, just like Thor.

In the edited video footage, the tradie can be seen dragging one of the blacks out of the silver getaway car parked in the drive, while his mate, bold-as-brass in his skinnies, is around the other side.

As the tradie shakes the African about like a grandmother’s golliwog, his mate runs around to his side of the car to join him just as the other home invader tries to exit the vehicle. But the champion in the jocks was having none of it and started pounding at the driver’s side window with the sledgie. Having succeeded in busting it, he can then be seen reaching inside, presumably to remove the keys from the ignition.

Whilst this is going on, the tradie is getting in some off-field kicking practise, using the nog’s head for a ball.

In the audio which accompanies the video, the working-class warrior can be heard explaining, “Bang! I booted him so hard in the head!”

The tradie runs back to help out his mate at the car, while the groggy golliwog tries to sneak up on him. Just then an unidentified white car with an African driver screeches to a halt. Seeing the golliwog, the star-in-shorts waves him away with the sledgehammer, as the tradie pulls the other one out of the car.

The two Africans then split in different directions, with the golliwog last seen bolting like Usain Bolt in the direction of the white car, which drove off as soon as he copped an eyeful of Braveheart in briefs swinging the Thor hammer.

Unfortunately for Shock Jocks, he went and chased after the white car, which was a backup for the other lot. A local woman who gave her name as Larissa spoke to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell to report the rest:

“I saw the guy running down the street in his underwear and a car trying to gun him down. They were doing burnouts to repeatedly go after him and hit him with the car.

“Eventually, yes, they did connect with him and they did hit him. Thankfully he wasn’t majorly injured.”

“These guys are young, they are really young,” she added. “I was terrified for them. They were just trying to defend themselves.”

It is reported three teenage African hoods were later arrested and will face a string of charges dating back to May. Naturally, nothing will happen to them because they are black and just as their hero Yak Dut did, they will play the race card.

It’s a high bet they’ll arrest the Aussie heroes instead.

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