September 17, 2019


I really wish there were more new Aussie releases worth reviewing for this column, or at least albums which I and our readers would somewhat enjoy; in fact, if anyone has any suggestions for non-PC local talent feel free to put them in the comments section.

In the meantime, I have found a newish album which I cannot stop listening to, Black Star Riders latest: Another State Of Grace.

Formed around five years ago by members of Thin Lizzy, Ratt and Black Label Society Black Star Riders take their name from an outlaw gang in one of the early 90’s Wyatt Earp films.

As might be expected, the band sound quite a bit like Thin Lizzy, lead singer Ricky Warwick has just enough Phil Lynott in his vocal stylings to make the tracks sound fantastic, without it becoming creepy.

The title track and first single is a good old Celtic stomp in the style of Dropkick Murphys; as with a lot of the numbers on the album, the lyrics are vaguely political, in this case about the Irish “troubles’.

There are a couple of ballads and mid-tempo numbers to take the edge off the crunching guitars and bellowing chorus lines and it is literally impossible not to sing along with the whole album; the arrangements are tighter than a nun’s nasty and the players decades of combined experience are evident in every verse.

In lieu of anything great coming from down under of late Black Star Riders are going to be on high rotation on my driving playlist; check ‘em out, if you are a fan of any of the bands in which the members played you’ll be a fan of Another State Of Grace.

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