September 9, 2019


Victoria will soon be the go-to state for economic refugees with news that the state government is offering $3m to asylum seekers out of taxpayers’ own pockets.

The gratuitous charity comes after federal government changes to payments made to queue jumpers came into effect.

In 2017, the federal government made changes that tightened the requirements around payments given to economic refugees on bridging visas. Those changes are now in effect. Over 13,000 uninvited mouths were being fed by taxpayers at a minimum of $35 a day. This is money that unemployed Australians, and those struggling for health reasons, could well do with. 

But when it comes to throwing our borders open to every non-white who can afford a people smuggler Labor is Father Christmas. Oh, sorry, that’s a non-secular idea, so let’s say Father Happy Holidays.

Martin Foley, Victoria’s health minister, announced the $3m bonanza from Santa’s bag for asylum seekers on Sunday. However, instead of making cash payments, the Labor socialists are trying to slyly spread the lolly around ‘approved’ charities and health providers which ordinary Australians will not have access to.

With a violin playing tragically in the background, Foley told media, “The funding will ensure people who have already endured great trauma and hardship and are seeking asylum in Victoria get the specialist care they need.”

“While this can’t address every need or resolve the larger uncertainty of waiting for a visa outcome, we hope this support can relieve some of the pressures faced by those seeking asylum,” he added, passing the hankies around.

Refugee advocates argue that the changes by the federal government will put asylum seekers at greater risk of homelessness.

They had nothing to say about homeless Australians whose access to shelter is minimised by the presence of these economic refugees who are no doubt earning good money in the black markets controlled by their respective communities.

Meanwhile, Australian-Victorians will just have to wait to see if there’ll be anything left for them after all the invaders have been paid out.

Sometimes known as Refugee Ca$h Palace


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