No way on earth was NOT going to remove our petition to have criminal African racist Yay Dut deported. We knew this when we (snerk) chose to host our petition there. We must say, it took them a while, and we were close to 1000 signatures.

In the end, the excuse given was that we violated their terms and conditions regarding “bullying”. Yes, you read that right, ‘bullying’. We ‘bullied’ Yak Dut.

Naturally, someone reported us.

Now, this might have been a random person, not from Australia, but we doubt that. Which means, that leftists are so crazed over any issue involving anyone of colour that right and wrong have lost any meaning to them.

It is not wrong to wish to deport a person who not only breaks the law but does so precisely because his skin-colour grants him a free pass; especially when he brags that’s why he’s doing it. It is in the interests of all of his victims — past and future — that he be sent back to the pits of hell from whence he came. But these peoples’ brains aren’t wired that way.

You can, therefore, see that the same people who removed our petition are the ones, generally speaking, who created Dut to begin with. His victims are their victims, and his crimes are all on them. To not just condone, but to campaign on behalf of, a criminal simply because he’s ‘black’, whereby doing so mitigates his actions, no matter how heinous, transcends all logic of basic morality. It defies all reason.

We are not religious here at NAB, but one of our writers is very fond of cigars. He told us a story of visiting his local tobacconist, which is run by a Greek guy, who is deeply religious. In fact, quotes from the Bible are posted up around his shop, and he stands all day behind the counter, reading the good book in between serving customers.

Our man got chatting to him, and they agreed on so much, such as the madness surrounding the transsexual business, and how in this day and age black is white, up is down.

The Greek fella tapped his Bible, which was bookmarked somewhere at the middle, and he said, “This book is three thousand years old. They predicted it back then, it was a prophecy. It says that a time coming in the future — which is now — everything that is wrong, will be considered good, and everything considered good will be wrong.”

Thanks to all who signed our petition, we truly appreciate your efforts, and this matter is not over.

We have it on good authority that Australia First Party Victoria will take up the fight to have Yak Dut deported and we encourage everyone to throw their support behind them.

A quote from the judge who didn't lock him up either


  1. Any one who comes to Australia or any other country should respect the traditions and values of those countries, that includes the laws, If a person breaks those laws through a criminal act That is Rape/abuse, violence drugs or fraud/theft on a grand scale. Then they have forfeited all rights to that country’s hospitality If you invite a person into your home & that person then attacks or harms your family, or does any action that will cause harm or damage to your family, or their wellbeing, by theft then any normal person would through the offender out sometime after delivering a Sevier punishment to them for abusing your hospitality <why should our country be any different. If the governments of elected public servants are to intimidated to protect those who vote for them & pay them then they should be removed from office & replaced by those who will protect our nation, its laws & people

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