Climate fundamentalists Extinction Rebellion last night made a half-hearted attempt at shutting down an already wet and miserable Melbourne rush hour by plopping their steaming bodies down at two key city intersections.

Despite the obvious irony of staging a global-warming crisis-march in teeming rain and bitter cold, this gaggle of undergraduate twits couldn’t even reach the modest number of 150 participants predicted by its organisers.

Around 80-100 people attended and succeeded only in blocking one street which is already blocked for the next three years due to metro tunnel works and maybe adding 15 minutes to the trip home for some CBD workers, most of whom could have simply walked around the demonstration and caught other trams.

Naturally, Victoria Police, having plenty of recent experience managing crowds of annoying children making a spectacle of themselves by controlling events from start to finish; that is the thing about rallying in the CBD, you either play nicely and do as The Man says or they shut you down and move you along.

In the end the vile weather seems to have gotten the better of the climate kids and they sloshed their way over to Melbourne Central shopping centre — where it was relatively warm and dry — to stage a sit-in; this action no doubt slightly inconveniencing a few of the Asian tourists who go there to gawp at the stupid animatronic clock and buy overpriced souvenirs.

The only reason anyone whose last name isn’t Wong or Yamaguchi would set foot in Melbourne Central would be to catch a train from the City Loop station beneath the galleries of tchotchke vendors and coffee shops. It is from here that the wet huddles of climate rebels went homeward, no doubt to a warm mug of Milo and a kiss goodnight from mummy.

Notable among the attendees were the ever-present Trotskyite entryists from Socialist Alternative and Victorian Socialists, there to keep the chants up and the numbers down, as usual.

As Nationalists know from experience and Extinction Rebellion seem not to understand, allowing dodgy Communists, avowed entryists and other fanatical elements, into your orbit inevitably leads to the death of your own group; that is the whole point of entryism, it is a parasite-host relationship where the interlopers take over from within.

The role of the Trotskyite attendees is to ensure that Extinction Rebellion fails and that their authoritarian, pseudo-left formation is always in charge of progressive street activism in Melbourne CBD.

We saw them at the recent Hong Kong rallies in town attempting to police speakers and reporters and acting like general dickheads by trying to control a situation in which they really have no stake other than disruption and dissolution of the host organisation.

We understand the science on climate change and the need for urgent mitigation action because the Australian Nativist ethos is rooted in love of country and the natural environment. We accept that the weather is becoming more extreme and that this presents challenges for the nation, what we do not accept is the fundamentalist, misanthropic doomsday cult of Extinction Rebellion and its hangers-on the pseudo-leftist Socialist Alternative.

If we were giving advice to a climate action movement it would be to physically prevent the pseudo-left from infiltrating its cadres and driving off the sane, mature, middle-of-the-road citizens who have the sense and experience to make a real difference.

Ideological purity and a zero-tolerance attitude to entryism are essential, tolerating outside groups with their own agendas simply to boost numbers displays nothing but a lack of confidence in your own ideals. 


  1. The Trot (Fake) left can be relied upon to provide any diversion necessary to real revolutionary ideas.

    While the wages share of GDP continues to fall, housing affordability is in the toilet, the quality of life in the outer suburbs sinks still further and Australia’s ecological crisis worsens beyond measure, the Trots will be diverting your attention to the fate of one (non) refugee family facing deportation..

    ‘Cause RACISM!

    Open borders is a Koch Brothers idea; so even Bernie says. So why do the Trot-tards support it?

    Because either (1) they naively believe that replacing the white Australian working class will somehow work in their own benefit (despite the conservative attitudes of many recent migrants – look who voted NO to gay marriage in Western Sydney) or , (2) they’re in the thrall of capitalism, plain and simple.

    I think the answer is a bit of both.

    Some European social democrats are starting to see the foolishness of hitching their wagon to the globalist, capitalist, open borders foolishness of Green Left Weakly. Denmark’s Mette Frederiksen won an election against the odds by ‘tacking hard right’ (sic) on immigration. I’m hoping she won’t be the last.

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