September 6, 2019


New Australian Bulletin has entered into discussions with Victorian nationalists to try to figure out how we can deal with that state’s Yak Dut problem. However, we’ve just stared the ball rolling.

If you’ve been a regular reader, you’ll know that Yak Dut is a 22-year-old Sudanese parasite who is committed to a life of violent crime. After assaulting two female police officers and threatening to shoot them with their own service firearms ‘in front of their loved ones’ he bragged to police that “Nothing will happen to me because I am black. I will play the race card.”

This was following a two-year crime spree that involved theft, assault, and all forms of threatening and violent behaviour.

However, the tragic thing is that Dut’s cocksure prediction was right. On Monday last, a snivelling magistrate in Melbourne let him walk free from jail on a pissy corrections order, which is the equivalent of being told: “don’t do it again”. Yak Dut was laughing all the way to his taxpayer-funded living-room where he kills time on his Xbox, which he doubtless stole during a home invasion.

Dut is a role-model to thousands of violent Sudanese who were brought to Australia supposedly for a better life. But instead of gratitude to this country and its people, they have displayed outright contempt for our admittedly weak system.

They have quickly learned a sense of entitlement and understand how to manipulate identity politics and its ‘white guilt’ component to make themselves immune from accountability. We do not want or need, Africans. They are a burden. Even if one of them does break the Darwinian-ceiling and earn himself a law degree he’ll use that degree to assist those like Dut who are his own kind. None of them will ever return to Sudan to try to make it a better place, they just choose to make Australia a worse place by staying here.

All of this naturally got us mad. We want a return to the White Australia Policy so that all of the non-White races cease to be a burden to us. Yet, that’s a big job, so we’ll start with setting a precedent by having Dut deported.

By all the rules of the thing he should be kicked out of Australia with a bloody nose and five cents in his pocket: others have been deported for less, it’s time to send his black arse back to Sudan with only the clothes on his back.

Sign this petition at (snerk) before they pull the whole thing down for being “extreme” and “politically unacceptable” or something. You know they will but let’s have fun until they do.

Frankly, we don’t even care that much about this petition, you should all go out and start your own. We encourage the Australia First Party to get on board with this because they have so far led the way campaigning against African crime in Victoria.

Oh, and if youse could share it on Facebook etc, since NAB doesn’t do social media. Nope, none of our writers even has an account. But so far we’ve managed to get no signatures whatsoever so you better hurry because time’s running out. For Victoria, not for our petition.


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