Nationalists care, we really do. We have spent so long watching youngsters ruin their lives by being brainwashed and exploited by extremist left-wing groups that now we are offering a way out.

Exit Antifa is a nationalist community initiative to help stop left-wing extremism. It is a unique and powerful force in the ongoing struggle to tackle all sorts of dangerous left-wing exploitation. Together with our other unique program EXIT-CHABAD, which focuses on the struggle to help young Jewish men to recognise this dangerous Zionist cult for what it is, we work with former violent extremists (formers) and survivors of violent left-wing extremism to push back extremist narratives and prevent the recruitment of ‘at risk’ youths. We also love to repeat the words “extremist” and “extremism” just to underscore an exigence we believe is real.

Exit Antifa uses technology to connect, exchange, disseminate and influence all forms of violent left-wing extremism. It leverages the lessons, experiences and networks of individuals who have dealt first-hand with Antifa. Erm, extremism, extremism, extremism. 

We will be constructing an extreme website with an extreme YouTube channel as an extreme outreach and so that members can stay in touch, share non-extreme-but-extreme ideas, collaborate, find extreme investment and partners, and project their extreme messages to wider and more extreme audiences.

Failing that, we have a wonderful extreme physical education scheme that through extreme tough love, hard discipline, and extremely brutal violence will teach these extremist numpties that joining Antifa can have seriously extreme consequences for their health.

EXIT-CHABAD is an equally exciting scheme that bases much of its rehabilitation work with pork therapy, pornographer-counselling, and heavy work on Saturdays. By using these this trident approach, we have had great success in educating young Jewish males about the dangers they face from paedophile rabbis, and indeed from non-Jews sick of them infecting their societies with Hasidic poison.

We teach them that their Talmud is full of extreme lies, by reading verse by verse and hitting them on the head with an extreme lobster to emphasise the most extremist passages.

EA was devised and launched by New Australian Bulletin during an extreme editors’ meeting in Canberra in 2019.

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