Victoria is the first state in Australia to pay homage to an introduced species by placing Africans above the law.

Australia has never had a cotton trade and did not import slaves from Africa. We have had nothing to do with black Africans. It’s not like we are neighbours. However, that hasn’t stopped the UN-initiated scheme forcing us to adopt Africans resulting in their strong sense of entitlement which in their thinking excuses their destructive rampages.

A certainty abounds among many from the Sudanese and various African communities that historic injustices entitle them to avenge themselves against Australians. At least, they believe it works as a good excuse for justifying their violent impulses towards us. Many Africans are convinced they have a duty to vandalise Australia’s peace, and disrupt our lives, even though they are supposedly fleeing such treatment, ironically, by those of their own race. But in reality, it’s just what they do; it’s fully coded in their DNA.

Little wonder they are so comfortable doing crime since the Victorian government actively nurtures their sense of privilege. It does so through the leniency of the court system when dealing with repeat offenders such as Yak Dut.

Dut, 22, faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday. He was answering multiple charges stemming from a two-year crime spree that began in 2017. He had already been released from 18-months in remand. Dut had boasted to police that being black, he would walk free from jail saying “I will play the race card”, and, as he listened in wry amusement to magistrate Jonathan Klestadt on Tuesday, that’s exactly what happened.

During his 2017 crime extravaganza, of which he is very proud, he was involved in a road rage incident in which he slapped a driver and slammed the man’s leg in the car door. Dut was whooping like a Zulu, demanding his victim “fight” him; even though he had incapacitated his leg.

In 2018, Dut welcomed in the Aussie New Year by trying to steal underwear from a Coles store before being approached by a store detective. Rather than being afraid of being caught, Dut acted as though someone had interrupted him taking a dump. He threatened to bash the loss prevention officer before police were called.

For his next caper, he was caught drink-and-drug driving in an unregistered vehicle while on a provisional license. He just laughed when the cops pulled him over, rolled up his sleeve, and tapped his arm to indicate the colour of his skin. It always worked like a personal card from the Police Commissioner.

Two weeks later, Dut pulled off his best crime yet. Two female police officers had spotted him driving in a defective vehicle and followed him to his home. When they confronted him, he attacked the officers, delivering a roundhouse kick to one of their heads.

During the beating he dished out with his skinny black arms and legs he abused both the officers for being white, but no charges of a hate crime were ever recorded.

The two were hospitalised and one needed weeks of therapy. During the assault, he threatened to track down the officers and shoot them with their own service firearms in front of family members. He told arresting police, “I will get away with anything because I’m black, I will play the race card.” Then he sneered.

The magistrate listened as Dut’s defence lawyer explained what a “changed man” Dut was as he sat picking his teeth. Dut was uninterested in proceedings since he already knew the outcome would be favourable as he had bragged to police.

The magistrate apologised to Dut for the inconvenience that the arresting officers had caused him but was nonetheless compelled to let him walk on a corrections order.

Dut winked at the magistrate, picked his nose, farted, and swaggered out of the courtroom a free man left to ponder who his next white victims might be.

But Dut is far from alone; his experience is shared by most Africans encountering Victoria’s criminal justice system. Being arrested is a mere nuisance that interferes with their committing more crime. Dut had already suffered in the refugee camps back in Africa, or at least that is the excuse he uses. It works every time.

This is why at the next election when you see the Australia First Party is campaigning in your area, make them your number 1 vote. They are the only party committed to ending immigration, reversing multiculturalism, and sending Yak Dut back to Africa. All other parties will just keep this stinking system staggering on.

Yak Dut uses his fingers to count as high as he is able to


  1. This is beaurocracy gone mad is the law in this country so WEAK that these ungrateful self opinionated bludging sickos get away with this behaviour. No jail sentence DEPORTATION we do not need scum in our country

  2. I believe that if you want to live in a host country you should respect the laws of the land or be deported. No citizen should have to put up with this blatant contempt for the law and be assaulted. This does not strike me as a refugee. The ones I have met are grateful to be safe from that kind of violence so why are we hosting those who are not prepared to follow the laws as everyone else has to.? This is bullshit and pc gone too far ffs. Nothing against helping refugees, genuine refugees, not violent opportunists who come to live here on the taxpayers and spit in the face of them. Time to sort the wheat from the chaff. Deportation would be a good reason not to commit crime if they want to live here. Simple.

  3. This criminal is what we would call a KAFFIR, has no respect for the law or anyone else, would kill you and not feel the slightest remorse and justify this to himself ,in his primitive brain, because of invented past injustices done against blacks years ago. The biggest lie. And perpetuated to this day by the liberal media . What he needs first is someone to knock the hell out of him .Yes beat the shit out of him and then kick his smelly arese right out of here , back to where he can be a savage again.

  4. This is what the governments want. A UN agenda to destroy western culture. Our politicians subscribe to it because of the reward they think they will get. But the stupid bastards don’t realise, in the end death will be their reward.

  5. If these politicians & judges are so merciful to so-called refugees who have REPEATEDLY shown they don’t care, why don’t they take them into their own homes & see how they like it? They ruin everything for others who live peacefully & obey the laws. I’ve always believed all migrants, including refugees, should be briefed BEFORE arrival, in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, about Australia’s laws & customs, & then be made to sign a document acknowledging they can be deported in case of breach of the laws. People like Yak Dut are feral & that’s no reason to let them free to do whatever they want at the expense of others… !

  6. Between 1661 and 1774 the African slave trade was made possible by the use of 300 Rothschild owned ships on which embarked 110,000,000 Africans but only 10,000,000 of which made it to the Americas, the rest were shark food.
    The slave markets in the Americas were closed on Jewish holidays.
    In America 40% of Jewish households had slaves, while 1.7% of White housholds had slaves.

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