Labor Party fat man Kim Carr and his conservative counterpart Liberal Amanda Stoker have overseen a senate discussion paper inquiring into the current disenchantment with our crap-house democracy.

However, despite the paper being supervised by one of the most gung-ho leftists since Lenin, its contentions have drawn puzzlement from The Greens. It posits two of the greatest threats to our supposed democracy as being “conservative nationalists and nativists on the right” and “eco-fundamentalists and postmodernists” on the left.

Forgetting Amanda Stoker, the obese Carr, who can’t stop eating, is a Victorian senator and the leader of Labor’s hard left. The Victorian thing is important since Victoria is like the capital of the U.S.S.R once was. The leader of the hard-left thing makes you wonder about the lumping his lefty mates in with us. But it’s interesting to note that us nativists have been identified and singled out.

The paper which was published by the Labor-majority committee says, “Political ideologies that were once considered fringe now command substantial support. These movements have been given various labels including populist, conservative nationalist and nativist. They tend to emphasise sovereignty and national identity.”

Then they whinge, “This kind of politics has frayed the connections between the mainstream political parties and their traditional support bases.”

But it’s even funnier to read, “At the same time, more extreme movements of the eco-fundamentalist and postmodernist variety have arisen. These movements are often adherents of identity politics and hold perspectives that would inhibit free speech in a way that has a potential to contribute to the division outlined above.”

Greens senator Nick McKim told The Guardian he didn’t “really understand what it’s [the paper] about.”

“The biggest threats are corporations buying political outcomes with their donations and foreign governments’ interference,” he said. 

Basically, voters are sick and tired of being lied to by Liberal and Labor, whose MPs take moneybags off our enemies from China, and then betray us at every turn. And because we are looking for alternatives to both these treasonous barrels of ideological goat droppings, and frankly, democracy, this has become a problem. For one thing, it is a threat to Carr being able to afford his steady diet of expensive pastries and high-calorie meals from Michelin-star-rated restaurants, so it’s little wonder he’s feeling edgy.

The paper, having had a cry about the majors now being seen as irrelevant and hostile to the interests of Australians, sets about to ponder the heavy question of what constitutes an Australian in the first place. Furthermore, it asks for submissions to help the Senate determine what Australia is. 

This is a straightforward admission they have no clue; here they were thinking we were China.

Equally revealing is how out-of-touch they are with this errant voter. The Australian voter doesn’t seem to understand that it’s their civic duty to choose only from those two parties that stand like indomitable brands such as Coke and Pepsi, as was ordained by God.

But the paper also identified a loss of trust in democracy in England and America and this has the polies totally stumped. What could be the matter?

Obviously, finding out would only require stepping out of their ivory towers for a few days, and coming down to the alien mess they’ve made of our country.

Yet, they’ll never get it, because in their paper’s questionnaire phase, they can only perceive ‘nationhood’ through a democratic and “multicultural” lens. 

When they query ‘Social cohesion and cultural identity’ and ask all sorts of cognitively dissonant questions about the interrelation of the two they don’t understand that it’s not a question but the answer: Social cohesion IS cultural identity…

But then comes the bit that would truly stump their chardonnay-saturated braincells, that cultural identity is race.

Even fat Labor pig Kim Carr finds democracy hard to swallow


  1. It’s not that the Australian public has moved away from LibLab values, it’s that the duopoly has moved away from ours.

    In their philosophical drift over 40 years, the ALP and Coalition parties have clustered together around a consensus of globalism, free markets and social liberalism. Australians are growingly unhappy with this New Consensus. It doesn’t reflect our values or our hopes for Australia.

    The media does its bit to convince us that there’s still a real political contest going on here – but the truth is there’s no genuine opposition inside parliament. The ‘disenchantment with democracy’ is – as Alfred suggests – disenchantment with the lack of real democracy produced by the current system.


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