The back-block corner reeks of eastern spices

Arab sin and ancient vices

Comes at a cost in all sorts of prices

You can guess why but there are no prizes

Sydney heat can’t squelch the Imam

The sights of Karachi via a taste of Vietnam

Where oh where does the rainbow end

A multicoloured place where they all pretend

Here to prosper, here to test you

Another born, another Celestial

Dialects per-thousand pound the human ear

Even the white girls are black around here

Even the straight ones, they’re all queer

Once upon a distant sky

A Hills hoist twirls in a boyhood sigh

In a country lucky for them who sink

An averted eye, a knowing wink

The cost for this mighty land so dear

Even the White girls are black around here

I know you know you will buy

All those slices of this sunburned pie

Cross my eyes if I should die

And say a rhyme that they may hear

Even the White girls are black around here

The city edges are a place to fear

The daylight wanes and the cultures change

Every aspect of everything strange

Once were brolgas out on the planes

Now the Leb is swerving lanes

A supercharged dryer in its highest gear

Even the White girls are black around here

Even the clock stops twice a day

Every last one of you gets to pay

In and out in a one-way stream

Say bye-bye to the national dream

It’s an outline now on a crowded beach

A best-left memory just out of reach

It’s a wave broken on a stretch of surf

Once was yours when it was your turf

No amount of footy cheer

Will make the girls any Whiter around here

Not even a full-strength beer

The girls are blacker than soot around here


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