As sentimental Australians protest the deportation of an asylum-seeking Sri Lankan family found to be liars a sixth Sri Lankan boat has been stopped trying to deposit more.

Hands were held across Australia this week for the frangipani family who tried to hustle the Aussie taxpayer into taking care of them for life.

Having lied on their visa applications they were ordered onto a Colombo-bound flight from Darwin.

Infuriatingly, globalist lawyers obtained a last-minute reprieve for the invaders. Instead, Nadesalingam and Tharunicaa Priya and their two “Australian-born” children are on Christmas Island while the matter is sorted in the Federal Court.

So, right there is even more taxpayer money which could be going to homeless Australians displaced by globalism.

However, their claim that they will face persecution if they return to Sri Lanka has been roundly disputed.

The family alleges it has ties to a militant political gang known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. But the husband had been travelling between Kuwait, Qatar and Sri Lanka, from 2004 to 2010. If he was honestly involved with that group he would most certainly have been intercepted by officials and then dragged away to a dusty corner of hell before being flayed alive.

We can’t do that to him, so instead, we’ve rejected his visa, his lies, and his ugly family, and are about to send them on their way.

Any argument coming from the soft-egg liberals crying about how the family has become integrated with the community doesn’t wash with us.

Frankly, we’re discussing this through the constraints of a system we oppose anyway. If we nationalists were running the show, this unsightly unit of tangled-haired brown-people would never have even made it ashore. Had they done do, right now they’d be helping out our aeronautical boffins with their long-range helium-balloon experiments, high up in the polluted atmosphere.

And trying to pressure the admittedly traitorous government on the basis that the couple had spit out two ugly babies on our soil grants them an indisputable right to Australian citizenship is cobblers. We are tired of making the contrast, but if a White kid is born in China that doesn’t make him Chinese.

Mind you, here in the west nowadays, you can be born a male and decide that you’re a hermaphrodite unicorn with a supercharged rear end.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped those such as the paedophiles from The Refugee Action Committee from organising protests under the slogan, ‘Refugee Lives Matter’. Because that’s where they’re wrong, they don’t matter to us at all. They only matter when they become our problem. You never see the members of the RAC out protesting about Australians who have lost everything. No, they are like pet owners whose empathy is only triggered by the suffering of animals.

Nonetheless, we can seek enjoyment in the knowledge that these protesters will only achieve a counter-response to that which they’re seeking.

Australian Border Force recently intercepted a fishing boat carrying 13 illegal immigrants west of Christmas Island. This takes the number of illegal vessels trying to breach our borders to six since May, indicating that the people smugglers (which includes the UN) have been ramping up their activities. What’s more, all of these leaky tackle-boxes have been coming from Sri Lanka.

If the government, as feeble and corrupt as they are, were to capitulate to the Namby-Pamby activists, it would send a green light to the smugglers. Before you know it, we’d back to the days of Labor and a million boat arrivals every two seconds.

Currently, Sri Lanka is the hub of all people smuggling activity to our shores and is seriously testing our resolve with its fake refugees claiming phony persecution so they can get free stuff from struggling Aussies.

Returning these moochers to Sri Lanka by plane is one way of sending a message to the people smugglers; the other would be to have the aircraft deliberately crash into Colombo airport.


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