Today, at least according to the Daily Mail, Australia’s pin-up Father’s Day hero is a Sudanese refugee footballer and race-mixer. This is a feature so rich in tropes and narrative that it ranks as what it truly is, propaganda.

Firstly, it seems that the Daily Mail, as egregious a website as they come, was the only news site to acknowledge Father’s Day. Now, don’t assume that we’re here to make a victimhood argument, because we regard Father’s Day as another commercial indulgence.

Yet, if you take away the commerciality, and make it about an appreciation of the man of the house then we cannot find fault with it. No such arguments are needed around Mother’s Day, which was Norman Bates’s favourite day of the year.

It seems, however, that all the other media groups can and do have a problem with the mawkish idea of respecting a ‘cisgender’ White father. The supposedly conservative news outlets are the first to have their star women writers pump out masculine-supportive anti-feminist op-ed pieces. But they appeared to have been honouring a tacit politically-correct decree that thou shalt not venerate the patriarch by recognising Father’s Day; not even in the most trivial column of editorial space.

Nevertheless, the Daily Mail did, and they gave us an ideal — a Father’s Day hero, in the Sudanese ‘battler’ and race-mixer, Majak Daw. This is essentially a rehash from three days ago when news of his half-caste child entering this globalist world broke.

Hendrix Kuat William Daw was born to North Melbourne “football star” Majak Daw, 28, and his ‘coal-burner’ wife Emily McKay. The media duly celebrated. But they were doing more than paying homage to a sporting star because Daw is not a sporting star, he is a multicultural ambassador. This cosy, feel-warm story in the Daily Mail is agitprop for miscegenation.

We aren’t about to claim that all women are race traitors, but about 70% of them are. That’s probably in equal proportion to the number of Australian men making beds with Asian women and going on sex tours to Thailand. We don’t blame any single-gender, because race traitors are race traitors, full stop.

Emily McKay would no doubt have bedded any high-profile footballer who came along and probably worked her way around the whole team before making it to Daw. She represents that type of amoral groupie who is attracted to football stars and is willing to take a punt and play the field if you excuse those quite deliberate puns.

Before sinking her nails into Daw’s black hide McKay was putting out for another member of North Melbourne, the now delisted Daniel Pratt.

At the time, Daw was the first Sudanese player to be signed to the AFL, and his signing had less to do with talent, and everything to do with being black; the ambassador for the least popular immigrant community in Australia. Well, that was a significant part of it, obviously, he passed all the player tests.

But, as the vile White Supremacists like to say in their inexcusable and racist turn-of-phrase, a nigger’s gonna nig, and as such Daw’s signing was a headache for the stupid fools whose idea it was in the first place.

In 2012, Daw was banished from the club and sent to the VFL for lying to his coach. But there was also the dalliance with Pratt’s missus while owing one of his teammates close to a grand. Obviously, despite reports at the time, Daw had little intention of paying back the loan and no respect whatsoever for the club.

He lied about a night on the town, having gone out and gotten on the White man’s burden when he was supposed to be in rehab following knee surgery. Booted out to the bush league, Daw found himself on rape charges in 2014, which his slick black arse managed to slide out of in December of 2015.

In 2018, having made a comeback after being delisted for being useless, and yet after impressing enough to regain his place in North Melbourne, Daw attempted to do Australia a favour. Following an apparent ‘chimp out’ at his missus (a base, loathsome, vile White Supremacist term for a chimp out) Daw necked a handful of prescription pills, drove to a Melbourne bridge where he parked his car, and jumped into the water.

But all that happened was he found something else he was crap at as Daw couldn’t even kill himself properly.

Now he’s on the path to recovery and blessing all his friends, fans and family for all their (blech) love. This little mulatto kid that McKay expunged from her womb is his redemption, apparently. And thus Daw – for being a foreign invader fuck-up who went straight for the liquor, drugs, and White women — is the Daily Mail’s choice of Father ‘s Day icon.

Nonetheless, as soon as his career tanks again, he’ll have another opportunity to test out his kamikaze technique and perhaps this time choose a higher bridge to jump from. 

He can take McKay with him.

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