The great thing about reviewing Aussie music is that I’m constantly stumbling over little nuggets of pure gold every time I delve into the related artists sections on Spotify pages.

Sydney trio Phantastic Ferniture make bloody beautiful Australian pop, they have that, dreamy, uniquely Australian sound pioneered by acts such as The Triffids and The Go-Betweens which has been carried forward and greatly expanded upon by a slew of 21st-century artists.

Singer Julia Jacklin’s vocals vary from gutsy to ethereal and the multi-layered mix on their eponymous debut album is awash with surf-guitar stylings and poppy-jangle.

It is not enough for a young band to reverse engineer some of the best music ever made on this continent, they have to have that spark, that certain something and Phantastic Ferniture definitely stand out among the crowd.

Standout tracks for me are the joyous singles Dark Corner Dance Floor and Bad Timing but the whole album is one great, car-friendly Aussie dreamscape; this is the sort of music you need for a long drive in the country or a weekend at the beach.

I hope to see more of Phantastic Ferniture in the future because their debut has been such a tonic for this stressed out urbanite, there should be more of this type of music.

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