With the arrival by boat of pint-sized climate seer Greta Thunberg in New York this week the climate doomsday cult has, once again, gone into overdrive.

For those not in the know, Greta is the weird, doll-like 16-year-old girl from Sweden who refused to attend school and sat outside the parliament in Stockholm to draw attention to the so-called “climate emergency”.

Since her initial protest, she has become a Joan Of Arc type figure in the globalist climate movement, feted hither and yon and even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; she is also, according to her mother, able to see carbon dioxide molecules in the air around her.

Thunberg’s parents are, shock horror, lefty showbiz types who dress their clearly emotionally disturbed teen in clothes more suited to a nine-year-old child than a modern young lady, in fact, with her hair in braids she is said to resemble the Swedish children’s book character Pippi Longstocking.

Critics of the Thunbergs have wondered if the Pippi Longstocking effect is intentional; the character in Astrid Lindgren’s novels is a loudmouthed social misfit with supernatural qualities who likes to school adults on what is right and wrong. The comparison fits the Greta persona to a tee.

Other grown-ups have been less charitable; one French politician described her as a “prophetess in short pants” and another refused to attend one of her lectures in parliament because he didn’t want to be spoken down to by a bratty teenager.

Greta Thunberg, according to her mother, also suffers from Asperger Syndrome, so it is no wonder she feels anxiety about global warming. Sufferers of the syndrome are known to experience chronic anxiety and are also known to become fixated on narrow areas of interest or the specifics of a topic rather than a general field of knowledge.

Anxious kids abound these days, so giving these youth a really big something to stress out about, then providing a platform and the camaraderie of activist cells, is a shrewd if primitive tactic by the Green radicals.

Looking behind the curtain of this most recent radical climate movement of which Thunberg and other teenagers like her are the vanguards of, we once again see the same old formations of Trotskyites, Green capitalists, run of the mill nutcases and quasi-religious maniacs; the only difference is that the kids are now pushed to the front to deflect any criticism of the underlying insanity within the movement.

We have already examined the cult-like, and suspiciously well-connected Extinction Rebellion movement on this site and in Australia at any rate the climate radicals are ably assisted by the usual undergraduate goon squads from Socialist Alternative and other pseudo-left formations who inevitably infiltrate social movements.

The Green revolution would be like a magnet for Reds anyway due to their current revisionist stance on the Peoples Republic Of China and their support for the actions of the Beijing gangsters in recent times; even if unwittingly the western Commies are working for Chinese imperialism as it is their state-controlled renewable energy industry which would stand to gain the most from the switch to a “sustainable” energy market.

China has great reserves of the rare-earth minerals needed in high-tech energy generation systems, they also have the large manufacturing base by which to cheaply roll out new technologies to the world in the “war effort” against climate change.

We all know that everything coming out of China under supervision of the Xi government is calculated to extend their influence, global prestige, and imperialist ambitions; everything has strings attached leading back to the politburo; those gruesome old men who see nothing but their own national supremacy and the racial domination of the globe by their socialist übermensch.

It is not to say that Socialist Alternative and Extinction Rebellion are working directly for Green Capitalism, or for Beijing, though anything is possible; these groups are however sucking up to those interest groups and using this new children’s climate crusade as a shield against criticism of their nutty, misanthropic ideas.

See, it is a lot harder for the grown-ups who do not appreciate the value in reducing the developed world to a Green and communist dystopia such as something John Wyndham or J.G. Ballard might have dreamed up, to sink the boots into a bunch of teenage girls who are likely to cry if challenged on their batshit ideas.

Everyone feels protective toward children, particularly little Pippi Longstocking caricatures, so the risk of upsetting swathes of an already infantile and emotion-driven voter-base might give pause to politicians and commentators who see the madness and hysteria underlying the climate alarmist position.

Allegory, in the end, has always been a powerful teaching aid, if Thunberg is the Green Joan Of Arc, she might want to read up on the gruesome end which befell the original Maid Of Orleans. Joan was an outspoken visionary with supernatural inclinations but politics and the world of men saw her fall into the hands of her enemies; a kangaroo court and ultimately execution by burning at the stake.

Opinions change and the Green revolution, if in the unlikely event that it was implemented along the lines favoured by its communist backers, would cause a 1940’s level global conflagration, then we’d see how tolerant the grown-ups are of mouthy Red-teens who look and act like storybook characters.

All those crosses and still no God

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