August 27, 2019


It can truly be said that Africans all look the same after Who magazine illustrated a feature with a South Sudanese model using a picture of the wrong black model.

The interview was with 19-year-old South Sudan model Adut Akech who is enjoying a glamorous career in fashion that was handed to her precisely on the basis that she is black and ugly.

Despite the hospitality that multiracialists in this country have shown her by importing her from a Kenyan refugee camp where she might’ve been left to slowly die of blow-fly poisoning, she chose to rant about how racist Australia is.

She also wanted to whinge about how being a 19-year-old female from South Sudan she hasn’t got a voice and the colour of her skin means the whole world is against her. This is in spite of the fact that if it wasn’t for the colour of her skin, she wouldn’t have a voice.

But when it came out last week instead of Adut whats-her-name they used an image of an equally frightening-looking African named Flavia Lazarus (now there’s a name). This is the kind of thing you’re supposed to laugh about. Indeed, the only person in the world seriously bothered by this is Akech, and as we’ve already ascertained, her struggles with racism at the water cooler and in the luxury lobbies of five-star hotels have left her double-traumatised.

Believe it or not, this girl who resembles the blackened stump of a charred tree no wider than the circumference of a Coke can has modelled for brands such as Prada, Tom Ford, Valentino, and Miu Miu, whoever they are.

She grizzled, “With the article, they published a large photo saying it was me, but it was another black girl.

“Not only do I feel personally insulted and disrespected, but I feel like my entire race has been disrespected too. I feel as though this wouldn’t have happened to a white model.”

But the brutally treated and deeply insulted African Queen hadn’t yet finished, she had much more complaining to do.

“This has upset me, this has made me angry … to me this is unacceptable and inexcusable under any circumstance.”

She then chastised the entire nation because the team at Who used the wrong image of a black woman to insult her entire savage race.

“Australia, you’ve got a lot of work to do. You’ve got to do a lot better.”

Well, we here at New Australian Bulletin can attest how some of us have spent as much as fifty years in this country, born of many generations Australian, and we’ve never had a voice. We had to make our own here. We were never offered money to appear in magazines and if we had complaints, we were told to tell it to the violin because nobody is listening. But refugee privilege means being a victim 24 hours a day with all attention fully on you.

Times gone by, it would’ve been the kiss of death for a magazine to include dark people in their pages, but we live in the age of political correctness at all costs.

We saw with Gillette and their anti-male ad campaign that these insane corporate heads will actually throw away tens of millions of dollars in pursuit of the proper virtue levels. Think of it: Gillette, a company whose majority market is men, instead makes an ad for women who don’t like men. Lol, that was a good idea.

But Who magazine, which included a Sudanese model to show-off the same virtue, made a mockery of the whole exercise. They proved that they can no more tell apart these skinny aberrations of human form than we can.

And they’re going to have plenty of fun in the office playing the blame game. It will have to stop with the editor but think about how many actual sets of eyes landed on that before the layout was approved and it was sent to the presses.  

All we can say is a big SUCKED-IN to all involved. We have been deeply enjoying your collective shame, pain, and humiliation.

If you offer an infant sympathy when it does something klutzy like falls over, it will cry because it knows it is getting attention. The same thing for nogs who complain about being racially vilified.

Look at Adam Goodes, he hasn’t STOPPED crying, and he’s married to a White sheila. 

This is the real Adut Akech
No, wait a minute, we think this is... ah, fuck it. They all look the same. Ugly.


  1. I think you lot are masters of sarcasm. But as irrelevant as some of these stories are, like this one, you extrapolate the relevant bits and emphasise the underlying hypocrisy and double standards. Such as here, you point out how real Aussies get no voice, not even in parliament, and this child alien gets it all but having it all means getting to whine about it all and play a blame game.

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