A Sudanese asylum seeker who arrived in Australia 17 years ago courtesy of an organised people-smuggling operation known as the UN, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

You might ask, what has he been jailed for, but the proper question is, what hasn’t he been jailed for. If we had to sum up his criminal behaviour in one word, that word would be violence. If we summed it up in three words it would be ‘lizard brain violence’.

The African criminal in question has a name, and like all African names, it sounds stupid and alien to the Aussie ear.

Lako Eludas Rasas (dear God!), 26, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to grievous bodily harm, obstructing police, and being a public nuisance. These set of charges actually sound benign compared to the kind of predatory crimes committed by this dangerous introduced species.

Since Australia was sucker enough to agree to allow this one-man crime-wave into the country to pick apart its carefully woven social fabric, he has managed to run around two states, Darwin and Queensland, virtually unrestrained.

He has beaten locals, not out of the kind of anxiety-driven paranoid confusion one might associate with alleged ‘trauma’ from his time in Sudan, but for recreation. In fact, Rasas would be much happier in the Sudan where he might find even less restraint placed on his vicious impulses.

Rasas assaulted one of his victims outside of Roma Street Station in Brisbane. Wanting to pick a fight, Rasas became offended when his intended victim declined a kind offer to engage in his savage African ritualistic combat. The man’s refusal cut across sensitive cultural areas and out of a sense of deep offence, Rasas shoved him so hard that his prey fell to the ground and broke his thigh bone.

The Sudanese asylum seeker may have gained some sense of satisfaction in knowing that his quarry underwent complicated surgery to fix his leg, but it’s more likely that he wanted to hurt him again.

Rasas had notched up this victim while he had been only two weeks out of police custody, showing that his brief incarceration far from serving as any kind of deterrent, did in fact increase his desire to make war dance on innocent people.

Previously, in 2017, Rasas was locked up in a Darwin jail for assaulting and robbing the president of the Territory’s Congolese Community, which hardly warrants a mention really because that’s exactly who he should be bashing and robbing.

Otherwise, that’s just an expurgated version of his rap sheet which, if unrolled and laid down across the surface of the country, would create a paper runner from Brisbane all the way to Perth.

NAB ran a program on our Deep Thought Matrix to determine Rasas’s brain size and the computer came back with a comparison in the image of a small shrivelled sultana.

This raises the question of why he isn’t being deported, but that then leads to the question of how come he was allowed here in the first place.

When you walk down that road you have to ask how come any of them are here and it’s back to listing all the traitors who dismantled the White Australia Policy.

In short, Australia is for Australians, and Australians are White.


  1. With high IQ nations having low fertility rates and low IQ nations having high fertility we can expect many more like this criminal whether they come as refugees or migrants. And of course they will breed like rabbits on our welfare system.

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