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The father of an autistic lad has spoken out after his son was hospitalised by eight Africans while on his way to meet friends in Werribee on Saturday night. It is the second time that his son has been targeted by Africans in the last two years.

Jayden D’Abaco, 19, was walking alone to meet his friends at the Mynt Lounge nightclub at around 10.30 pm. However, he soon became self-conscious when he noticed he was being followed through the dark street by several sets of teeth and eyeballs.

Hurrying up to give himself every opportunity to evade what he sensed was an imminent beating the dark mob suddenly gave chase.

Despite his being no match for the eight Africans, he was knocked to the ground and stomped so badly that he suffered a fractured cheekbone and severe bruising.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward so after they’re charged the court can let his attackers go free with a bonus McDonald’s voucher. This happened the last time a bunch of dirty Africans beat him up.

In 2017, the Tarneit teenager was attacked by Africans as he was heading home on a West Melbourne bus. The bus had pulled up at his stop but when the then 17-year-old got up to leave he was followed outside where the gang tried to steal his sneakers and phone. Instead, they settled on bashing him. A frightened Jayden called his mother to pick him up outside the Tarneit McDonald’s. As she pulled up the number of Africans increased until there was a mob of about 30.

It turned out he had been targeted by the same gang once before as he had known one of the African thugs from his school.

Jayden’s father, Frank D’Abaco, has had a gutful. He has threatened to protest on the steps of Parliament House on Wednesday night. He is outraged over the “slap on the wrist” the offenders who previously assaulted him got. He knows that the social engineers who infest the cabinet of Daniel Andrews want the Africans to inflict as much damage on the white community as possible.

They believe this will make up for the historical injustices perpetrated by Australians against Africans following 300 years of the brutal slave trade in Betoota.

Jayden’s mother, speaking to The Age (not that anyone ever should speak to that Commie bottom-wiper) said, “They get a slap on the wrist and they’re back out again. Family violence, they’ve cracked down on that now, why is it so different for these gangs? When they throw a punch, it’s like holding a gun. They know they can kill someone.”

Mrs D’Abco also admitted that since the cowardly attack on her son she had received texts from outraged persons wanting to track down Jayden’s attackers and dispense a bit of Aussie justice.

We at NAB want to make it absolutely clear that when it comes to condoning violence we staunchly oppose any opposition to an aggressive response. We think this is a good idea since the cops won’t do a damned thing. And everybody should join Jayden’s old man on the steps of Parliament House with banners and loud hailers. It is time for the Back To Africa policy to come into effect before Meghan Markle puts these black serpents on the next cover of Vogue that she’s invited to edit.

There is a program to get rid of cane toads but nothing is being done about noxious Africans carelessly released into our urban ecosystems.

Jayden is recovering in hospital.

CCTV footage of the assault on Jayden in 2017

Jayden’s parents in 2017 following the first assault on their son

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