How do young people such as the XYZ writers end up so defeated and miserable in one of the most liveable, stable and prosperous societies on earth?

My guess is that they have been conned in exactly the same way that my generation was manoeuvred into believing that a nuclear apocalypse was just moments away, or that some of my children’s peers are transfixed by the idea of dangerous climate change.

The idea of an ascendant China about to send hordes of PLA soldiers jack-booting across the Indo-Pacific is part of the con being perpetrated by the ruling classes; the rest of the Globalist Right’s sorrows appear to be largely self-inflicted through excessive use of social media.

We grow ever more sceptical of China’s ability to do anything beyond rip people off, mismanage their economy, pollute their own water and annoy their essential trade partners; as of this writing the clown president Trump has gone once again to the brink by suggesting that he might crash the Chinese economy altogether, which could be done at the stroke of a pen.

Another plank of their self defeating argument is the decline of the White countries into hedonism and self-indulgence when it has always been well understood that joie de vivre and the tendency for free-spirited attitudes are essential qualities of our people, especially the native Australians.

To those of us who have lived a little, who imbibed the bohemianism and street life of the 1980s and 90’s the Australia of 2019, far from being the new Sodom, appears as a dour, straight-laced, ultra-conservative dystopia where the squares rule and conformism is mandatory.

To be sure, this is an era where crap drugs and sub-par music are driving the social scene but, as we keep pointing out on this site, the alternatives are still there and they look much the same as they did 35 years ago; the present zeitgeist is no worse than it was when we were kids, when Stock, Aitken and Waterman topped the charts and shitty bikie speed was the drug of choice in the mainstream clubs.

Statistically, people are fornicating less too, partly due to there being less face-to-face physical interaction between individuals.

For the last days of Rome, this is all a bit of a yawn and the influx of paper doll identikit squares from Asia is not helping matters; if we are in danger of succumbing to anything imported from China it is boredom due to their lack of imagination and conservatism.

I suppose that would suit the XYZ crowd down to a tee, you could imagine an ageing cardinal Hilton with his mitre and crozier glinting in the sun as he leads his flock of half-Chinese twonks off to their refuge in the Gold Coast hinterland.

What is needed is for young people to lighten up, your country doesn’t hate you, the SJW clown-world of Twitter and Instagram doesn’t exist if you don’t log on and the chance of a Chinese takeover or an environmental breakdown is not a serious proposition if you look at the world rationally.

So, go native, tune in, turn on and get savage!

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