Every Aussie needs a good mate and if you choose the Bull Arab dog as your personal house wolf you will have the best cobber of all.

Bred to hunt feral pigs in the 1970’s the Bull Arab is supposedly a combination of Bull Terrier, German Shorthaired Pointer and Greyhound, or alternatively all of the above plus Great Dane or Doberman.

You get the drift, they are fairly big, strong and brave dogs, though their reputation for aggression is unfounded; Bull Arabs love people and they are excellent family pets, but they do need a firm hand to get the most out of them.

In temperament they are inquisitive, protective and extremely affectionate, they are so affectionate in fact that their size and strength may be an issue if there are young children in the home as the Bull Arab is likely to knock the little ones over as he goes hunting for smooches.

Their loyalty and protective nature towards their human pack can also be a problem if not kept in check, strangers need to be introduced to the home carefully, smaller pets like chooks or rabbits also need to be separated from the dogs as being born hunters they will probably kill the little critters when nobody is looking.

If you bring a Bull Arab into the home he will guard it with his life, patrolling the yard at night, keeping vermin and intruders at bay and barking to alert you of anything untoward; though easily trained they are also headstrong and can be demanding, you will know when feeding time is near because the dog will be butting you in the back of the knee with his nose to tell you.

The Bull Arab is a bonza dog, a big, goofy 35 kilo baby with the courage of a lion and the ferocity of one of the wild boars which he was bred to hunt; he is a five star, solid gold mate who will always be by your side…or on your lap…or sitting on your head as you try to grab a power nap on the couch.

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