August 23, 2019


Australia’s millionaires-only visa program is experiencing a surge in interest from Hong Kong’s decadent elite who are eager to evade Beijing’s wrath following the wave of protests in that city.

The Significant Investors Program (SIV) allows aliens who got rich on the back of the proceeds of crime to buy residency. All they need is $A5 million of which they’re required to invest 40% of their filthy lucre in small-cap and venture capital (VC) funds. Restrictions prevent them from investing in real estate.

Whereas many Chinese already slimed their way here on SIVs, the imposed restrictions dented the appeal, so there had been an easing of entries.

Now, it’s looking for a great way for the high-flying gangsters and rip-off merchants from Hong Kong’s finance sector to swamp us under the guise of a defacto humanitarian program.

In NSW alone, the state migration department has identified a significant spike in applications from Hong Kong, which was revealed in a letter to its agents, Reuters reports.

A Sydney-based partner at law firm Baker & McKenzie, Bill Fuggle (Bill Fuggle?), confirmed there had been a rise in applicants for the SIV program.

Fuggle said, “What I am hearing from my clients is there definitely has been an uptick in the number of SIV applications from Hong Kong. Anybody who can make an alternate plan is trying to do so.”

But Fuggle added, “Money is also moving out (of Hong Kong) but Australia is probably not your first choice to park wealth… it’s a high tax jurisdiction. I suspect we’ll get more people than money here.”

You read it, and Mr Fuggle said it, “More people than money.” By “people” he is referring to Chinese, so he uses the word very loosely.

No current data is available on applications received or visas approved because those figures are published annually. However, from 2012 to 2018 87% of the 2,022 visas granted went to Chinese. Hong Kong applicants came in second at 3.2%.

China’s largest international property website,, is reporting that “some increase” in demand for Sydney property by Hong Kong criminals has been triggered since the unrest began.

In an email to Reuters, Executive Chairman Georg Chmiel (what’s with all the stupid names today?) said, “Purchasing real estate is not the first step in coming to this country. More important is to obtain legal residency.

“Over the next two to five years, there could be a substantial impact on the property market as these individuals look to settle down purchase, but for now, it’s too early for that.”

None of this is good news for Australians, and whoever conceived of the SIV program needs their heels nailed to a weighted-down surfboard. It seems inevitable, being the centrepiece ‘democratic nation’ of the region, Australia will cop all the reffos regardless of their financial status. As Beijing thunders, so Australia begins to look more and more like a picture postcard of East Asia. And we went through this once already.

In 1989, Beijing’s crackdown on its democracy-hungry dissidents led that pig’s bladder Bob Hawke to clear a path for China’s inroads here. Now, it’s happening again.

It won’t just be those fleeing the tyranny of China’s ruling Communist Party, but ruling Communists disguised as those fleeing Communist rule. This is pretty much how things panned out in ’89 when, teary-eyed, Hawke allowed all the ‘students’ to stay after the tanks crushed Asians to the horror of most, and amusement of some.

See, it was a naïve assumption that all were activists for democracy. In fact, as Clive Hamilton points out in his book Silent Invasion, most subversives were never allowed out of the country. The ones permitted to travel here were loyalists undertaking minor degrees at low-rent colleges. They hit the jackpot with Hawke’s open invitation to settle here and went on to become Beijing’s citizens abroad.  

We can expect spies among these playboy gangsters, but then, it makes about the same difference whether or not they’re Nobel Peace Prize-winning dissident writers! The fact that they’re Chinese and are headed is here is all that matters.

The time has arrived, especially with the threat now posed by China, to correct the mistakes of last century’s traitors and return to the White Australia Policy.

What seems like a far-fetched fantasy to our detractors becomes more plausible each day as we come closer to the inevitable showdown with the chinks.

If Australia had stuck to its guns, accruing only Anglo-Celtic-European immigrants following the war, when manpower was needed for major infrastructure projects etc, then we might have pursued a self-reliant and independent path. 

This would’ve been doubly possible if anyone had possessed the foresight to shoot Bob Menzies.

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