A Melbourne gangster imported from Africa to boost city crime rates is boasting he will do no jail time because he’s black.

Yak Dut (seriously, these names belong to Muppets) bashed two female cops and managed to wrestle their own guns off them, which he used to threaten them with.

When he was finally arrested, he casually told the police, “I will get away with anything because I’m black. I will play the race card.”

This was just in case they weren’t already aware since nobody would know better than the uniformed doughnut muncher.

Dut was behind the wheel of a Volkswagen with a missing wheel in Mill Park last year when he was spotted by the two policewomen. They followed him to his home in South Morang where they attempted to question the human matchstick.

But knowing his rights, and understanding that being black entitled him to get away with anything because of trauma and stuff, he assaulted them so badly they had to be rushed to the hospital. 

While their doughnuts could not be saved, the women were not seriously injured, although both are essentially traumatized now. This is why it’s such a good idea to have women on the front line of policing but more so to have women on the front line serving with the ADF.

A proud Dut, angered by his subsequent arrest, naturally held the victims responsible for his predicament.

He threatened to find the two policewomen and shoot them with their own service pistols, the Herald Sun reported.

So far, the Kenyan-born martyr has spent fourteen months in jail, but, just like Nelson Mandela, he is sure that he will soon regain his freedom because he’s black.

Let’s all get behind Dut and show how dedicated we are to a free and inclusive multicultural society that puts the rights of Negroes above that of the White population he was forced upon. Let’s make up for the centuries of slavery Africans endured in Australia as part of our massive global cotton and watermelon trade.

We must each of us vow to rally outside the Victorian County Court! We must remind those inside that Dut is not an ape dressed in trendy street clothes, but a human being who is entitled to bash as many cops as he chooses!

Yak Dut -- the new Nelson Mandela

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