A group of Maori crims and bludgers is running a nuisance lawsuit claiming possession of a piece of Paramatta they say was gifted to them by drunken Abos 200 years ago.

The Rangihou people reckon that leaders of the Burramattagal Clan gave them a 45-hectare chunk of the NSW suburb of Parramatta back in 1811 when supposedly invited over for whatever reason by whoever.  

They have an application in the Federal Court to ‘wind up’ (the council) and reclaim the land, according to reports.

The parcel of land in central Parramatta includes James Ruse Reserve, Robin Thomas Reserve, Rangihou Reserve and a piece of the Parramatta River.

The group is led by a drag-queen looking Maori bushpig who could crush lobsters with her thighs. Lady Crown told 9News, “We are Ngati Rangihou Corrangie Hapus and we are here to reclaim Rangihou land. We want acknowledgement and recognition. We want history books corrected and compensation for the land.”

After the initial admission that this whole thing is a wildly hopeful scam for Aussie cash, the Queen of Maori parasites then had the effrontery to say, “We have the first laws in time, so our laws stand above any other law in the land.”

In March, these foreign welfare cheats tried to hijack the land by changing the locks on the Waratah Soccer Club. They set up a makeshift carpark and began charging motorists for parking. Four days later, their Maori arses were booted out of the park, but not out of the country.

Naturally, their story is bullshit, but even if it wasn’t one doesn’t honour the promises of one mob of conquered savages to another pack of uncivilised primitives. You take out your musket and dispatch justice the White man’s way.

As much of an example of clickbait as this story is, on another level, it is tied to the very dangerous precedent we already indulge the ungrateful Aboriginal population in. With China already fabricating historical claims to Australian soil, claiming with junk history that they settled here before Britain, these acts will only embolden them. They see the Aboriginals making land claims and watch us fold and it gives them ideas. As it is, China only has to believe it possesses territorial rights to grab whatever it covets, such as it has done with the Spratly Islands and other parts of the region.

Yet, this brings to the surface a major issue that we may as well bring up now — there is NO PLACE in Australia for anyone from New Zealand, be they Maori (especially if they’re Maori), or be they, White.

The New Zealand Whites aren’t the kind of White people you can respect, if they were, they’d be back home taking care of business. Instead, the Whites who come here do so for economic reasons and they crap all over us.

Nothing is more insufferable than a Kiwi after a few beers, as he starts fog horning about ‘The All-Blecks’ and how UnZud is so much of a better country than Australia.

They come here, take our dole, trash talk us, fill jobs meant for Aussies, talk in funny Muppet accents and then never leave. Meanwhile, they send their postal votes back for the former Socialist Jacinda Ardern to become Prime Minister and turn the whole country pansy. Kiwis deserve a bashing for that alone.

Australian Nationalism particularly has experienced problems with New Zealanders coming in and causing serious damage.

If China hasn’t already made plans to seize New Zealand then perhaps it’s time Australia sent in the warships and conquered the joint. The first thing to do is kick out anybody who isn’t Australian. Set them on rafts out into the Pacific Ocean and test some of Darwin’s theories of survival.

As to Lady Crown and her bogus lawsuit, she needs a trip on the Ivan Milat Express to Belanglo Forest for an eternal date with the tree spirits. Or rather, a plane ticket straight back to Fush ‘n’ Chup land from whence she only returns on pain of death.

A group of Maoris in Parramatta on dole day singing about the All Blecks


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