August 21, 2019


Scott Morrison has committed 200 Australian troops, a warship, and a surveillance craft to aid the “international mission” to harass Iran in the Persian Gulf.

The idea to goad Iran into war has been the supreme agenda of US neoconservative warmonger John Bolton, a “national security adviser” to President Trump.

But job titles are often misleading and, in fact, he’d be better described as a Proponent of Unending War. Just about all his advice involves preemptive military strikes, war, preemptive military strikes, and war.

If someone serves him a cold cup of coffee, his initial reaction is to have the US State Department threaten nuclear retaliation. He is, to borrow a medical term, a madman. But he is a madman who believes fervently in “the cause” whatever that happens to be, which actually makes him a dangerous madman. He is best compared to US Air Force Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper (get it?) from Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

General Jack was the goony bird general who orders an unsanctioned nuclear strike on Russia because he believes the Soviets have been using fluoridation on American water to pollute “the precious bodily fluids” of Americans.

Frightening then to think that Bolton is the most important director of US national security. But then again, it’s about right.

Bolton helped push George W. Bush into invading Iraq based on the now-discredited idea that Saddam Hussein was hoarding weapons of mass destruction. He would’ve known he wasn’t but he also understood that knowing so and saying so are the difference between military action and no bombs being dropped at all.

Bolton is so tense he could crack walnuts with his arse cheeks. So, it’s pretty obvious that he is directing this latest effort to trigger a war with Iran on any grounds possible. Currently, the excuse is “protecting shipping through the Strait of Hormuz”. But it’s funny because US ships had turned up before any shipping was ever harassed. If Iran is behind it then it’s a response to provocation and not of itself a provocation. Still, that’s not how it’s being reported in the West nor how you’d expect it to be.

War with Iran has been like a long-shelved movie treatment that has been sitting around the film company’s office waiting for the right director. Naturally, as Bolton would understand, Trump is just such a director.

Bolton has been rambling on for months about Tehran, using bellicose language, explicit threats of intervention. So much spittle has flown from his lips during these fuming rants that White House staff were forced to waterproof his office.

In July, Iran ramped up tensions in the region by seizing two tankers linked to Britain. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards impounded the ships and took their crews into custody for what it claims were infringements of maritime restrictions.

A month earlier, the Guards shot down an American surveillance drone with a surface-to-air missile. In June, two tankers, one Japanese and the other Norwegian were attacked with limpet mines in the Gulf of Oman. A month before that, four commercial ships, including two Saudi tankers, a Norwegian tanker and an Emirati ship were attacked with probable explosive charges while anchored in United Arab Emirates territorial waters.

If oil shipping continues to be threatened then America and its “international partners” will claim reasonable grounds for military intervention. Morrison’s decision to involve us, even in a supposed “time-limited” operation, comes at a time where the thinness of our defences in the region will surely become tested by China.

His excuse for claiming that it’s in “our national interest” is tied to the notion that if we help out the US one more time, they’ll have our back when things kick-off with China.

This is currently being viewed as a fallacy by Australian thinktanks. However, ScoMo’s decision is being lauded by the usual US bum-kissers like Greg Sheridan from The Australian

He will dedicate his Zionist pen to advancing the cause of fighting alongside America and when China comes and plants its flag on the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge cicadas will chirp as he awaits the US Cavalry to come and save us.

John Bolton, the Colonel Sanders wannabe who'd break your skull with brute force just because his steak was undercooked

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