August 20, 2019


On TV they’re saying that times are still tough

We all must do more with less

And you hear us complain,

But they never explain

How the fuck we got into this mess.

The Morning Show’s saying Free Trade is the thing

– I’m not sure if Kochie’s aware

That the factory’s gone

and like Old Mother Hubbard

My cupboard and stomach are achingly bare

Jeff Kennett’s on now and he says it’s our fault

Our wages, conditions, or both

But they’ve thought up a plan

that’ll turn it all ‘round

We just need to have faith in ‘growth’

On TV they’re saying that racism’s wrong

and migrants are needed you see

To pump up demand for new money and loans

and rescue our economy

But back on my street, that’s just not how it rolls

what’s lost is too great to describe

Replaced by the Babel of multiple tongues

I long for my own lost white tribe

On TV they warn about radical talk;

I turn the thing off I confess

‘Cause what I think is true

they have no bloody clue

How to get out of this mess

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