Two reports released today have raised the urgency levels of Australia’s need to build up a reactive defensive capability in the country’s top-end.

According to a report from the US Studies Centre, America’s ability to project its power into the Indo-Pacific has been considerably weakened due to a number of factors. These include the “combined effect of ongoing wars in the Middle East”, “budget austerity”, “underinvestment in advanced military capabilities and the scale of America’s liberal order-building” and “Chinese counter-intervention systems”.

Meanwhile, a report published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has strongly advised that Australia’s best defensive opportunities lie up in the sultry swamps of the country’s steamy top-end. This is by no means a new idea.

Australia has been somewhat relaxed about our northern defences, only paying them serious mind twice since Federation. The first was just before the Japs bombed Darwin in 1942 while in 1986 then Defence Minister Paul Dibb released his 1986 review of our defensive capabilities. In the case of the Japs, we were slow in responding to important intelligence and paid for that tardiness with Australian lives.

The author of today’s ASPI report, John Coyne, recommends the creation of a forward operating base (FOB) in the North, which would serve not just as a defensive position of strategic intelligence and military coordination but as a “lily pad” to another forward location in the Pacific. This area of operations would be “fully integrated” into Australia’s “broad national security strategy”.

Darwin and Tindall air force bases would become “critical nodes in global defence supply chains for such capabilities as the JSF-35.” Not that we recall anyone telling us those Joint Strike-Fighters are anything but lemons.

Overall, Australia’s defensive capabilities would be concentrated in the north with bases in the south ready to respond and reinforce. This would require a bolstering of manpower, woman power, and transgender power to the top-end — not just military but also a subsidiary workforce to maintain distribution, supply and repair. Manufacture to support the north would be maintained in the south. All sound stuff except that nowhere is it mentioned that an armed and independent Australia would be neutral. As it stands, our bondage to the US isn’t about to do us any favours in the event of war with China.

Nationalists have argued for decades that brownnosing the Yanks won’t result in anything more than the honour of our boys, girls, and transgender recruits being killed in Jewish wars. As soon as the excrement hits the fan, Johnny will start marching (or sailing) home again. But worse yet, we’ve argued that being a non-independent Australia may very likely result in our portioning by China and America.

Any world-endangering conflict between the US and China which kicks-off in the region may be prevented by divvying Australia up between our North and South. All the vital mineral properties and the “food bowl” will go to China and “multicultural Australia” will be able to reap what its sown by being administrated by American Zionists in the southern half of what once was Australia.

This scenario will thrill socialists like the Malaysian-born lesbian Penny Wong and Chairman Daniel Andrews — in fact, the entire Labor party and key mates from the Liberals such as Andrew Robb. They have done their utmost to ensure that key assets and infrastructure have been flogged off to our enemy.

Right now, the issue of China is the single-most and only issue facing Australian nationalists because from it all others stem.

The discussion about an independent and homogenous Australia is inextricably linked with any conversation about China and national defence. A war with China would soon sort out who wanted to stay here and who didn’t. Any satellite watching from space would note a huge brown stream like a sewer running in a river right back to India. And antlike swarms of the others dispersing to the four corners of the globe whence they came from.

Also, these reports vindicate hard-line Australian nationalists who’ve been maintaining that the issue of China dwarfed any nonsense about Islam in Australia. Pushed by koshers and civic patriots, the issue of Islam was only ever a honeypot for Australia’s conservative forces to create support for the Liberal Party.

Beefing up Australia’s security in the top-end is going to need one thing above all else: budget financing. Perhaps we could hold back those hundreds of millions of dollars from the frizzy-haired grifters from the Island nations who try holding us to ransom. Let New Zealand’s socialist Prime Minister, who may or may not be a transgender, foot the bill from her Kiwi taxpayers.

As it stands, NZ did not even sign up to binding climate mitigation targets under the Kyoto 2 process, and it is down for $300m less in Pacific aid than Australia is putting on the table. But still, Jacinta Ardern, who was president of the Socialist International youth wing in 2008, gave Australia stick at the Pacific Islands Forum.

Nevertheless, the report was silent on how the de-masculinising of the armed forces is likely to aid Australia’s ability to defend itself. Currently, the public face of the ADF all have vaginas, and the new Woke management wants homosexuals, non-Whites and transgender freaks to fill its ranks.

We are not so sure that our defence forces could be so politically correct as to let men fight on the front lines, but there may come a time.

However, it’s our dark belief that, just as Britain was caught napping as Germany built up its military strength prior to WW2, so with Australia it is almost inevitable that China will start war much sooner rather than later.

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