August 17, 2019


What is it with right-wingers and their inferiority complexes?

David Hilton, writing on the globalist-right site XYZ has once again outdone himself in terms of talking down Aussies and inflating the perception of Chinese power.

Hilton’s August 13 post, War with China is inevitable and we’re totally unprepared is hysterical even by the standards of the Alt-Right; when he is not praising his new Chinese overlords as bringers of conservative values Hilton goes full tinfoil ‘tard on the supposedly inevitable forceful takeover of Australia by the celestials.

In this article there are so many flawed assumptions about the Chinese ability to project power and the capacity of the Pacific powers to repel it; Hilton also omits the well-understood capacity of Anglo-Saxon military forces to inflict unsustainable losses upon their enemies.

To be blunt, we kill opponents at the rate of around 150 to one in ground combat, as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 proved; in sustained counter-insurgency operations involving combined arms, the rate goes up to something like 5000 to one and even higher once civilian deaths are counted.

If you do the maths-based on WW2 figures we could suffer similar casualty rates with enough capacity in reserve to wipe out the entire Chinese population three times over.

We have also demonstrated a capacity to tolerate and absorb horrifying losses in war and still keep fighting and winning, as the trials of the 20th century have shown us.

The Chinese are an untested nation when it comes to modern warfare and their record against well-armed and disciplined forces such as the Japanese, or more recently the Vietnamese should cause people to doubt their capacity to project military force.

Anyone who went up against the U.S military and its Asian allies in the present era would be crushed within weeks, if not days, regardless of what sort of hardware they are alleged to have. Hilton also fails to consider the PRC’s propensity to exaggerate the nation’s military technological prowess, even to the point of outright fakery.

We know that White man’s weapons and tactics work, we know that they routinely devastate their enemies in the first few days of combat and we know that developing nations, however, well-equipped have never been and never will be a match for us.

The Chinese, on the whole, are lazy, incompetent, inflexible and self –centred people; especially those in leadership positions. It is also doubtful that Chinese parents would be willing to sacrifice their precious only sons for the vanity projects of the PLA commanders. See, in addition to their other flaws, Chinese are quick to turn on authority figures if their personal lives are infringed upon.

Furthermore, how does China function if the U.S.A and her allies impose economic sanctions during a period of hostilities? How would the social cohesion of the coastal mega-cities be maintained once tens of millions of workers are suddenly thrown out of a job as foreign investment and trade stop dead?

To take that train of thought in another direction, it is also suspected that the top brass of the PLA has significant economic interests in the mainstream economy. They have all these sketchy side-hustles going on, so their unwillingness to see that crash and burn might impact their overall interest in waging war.

What happens then if there is a short, sharp, Six-Day War type conflict, which China inevitably loses and in which her navy is decimated, her air force ceases to exist, and the military command and control infrastructure is peppered with cruise missiles and JDAM bombs?

Can Mr Hilton imagine the chaos that would cause in China? There would most likely be some sort of military coup, mass civil uprisings, economic devastation and who knows what else.

It is naïve to compare Whites and Asians as like-for-like and it is downright childish of Hilton to lapse into the teen fiction tropes of Tomorrow When the War Began by daydreaming of an inevitable Chinese invasion and some romantic Aussie guerrilla resistance taking to the hills like turd-flecked Third World tribesmen.

The only way we go to war with China is if they take on the U.S.A and Japan. If they do so they are D-E-A-D, dead, most likely within a matter of days, and long before it becomes a problem for those of us in the southern hemisphere.

So instead of intellectually wanking over ego-flattering hypotheticals maybe the big brains of XYZ could put some energy into actually fighting imperialism of all shades by ditching the paranoia and ethnic self-flagellation of the globalist right, and becoming Australian Nationalists and taking political action to secure our independence and neutrality.

In 2008, townsfolk in Guizhou province rioted against the official handling of the death of a young girl. Kind of shatters the illusion of totalitarian control Beijing likes to push


  1. The Chinese have better equipment and more brains than anyone we or the US has fought in the Middle East but in reality they are unlikely to invade us militarily, especially with the large number of ethnic Chinese already here – and the fact that we are generally willing to sell them whatever they want. They are hardly likely to bomb real estate in this country when they own so much of it.

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