August 17, 2019


Protests erupted last night as supporters of the Hong Kong pro-democracy activists and hard-line Chinese nationalists faced off in Melbourne and Sydney.

In Melbourne, Chinese troublemakers added insult to injury by opening their demonstration with a recognition of the Wurundgeri ancestral owners. Which is laughable because none of those Abos were around to keep either side from getting their pan heads stomped into the road.

However, this ‘democracy supporter’ was shut down before he could finish by a nationalist celestial waving a Chinese flag above everyone’s heads. This action reportedly set off scuffles, and feeble Asian pushing and shoving, but none of the highly choreographed Kung Fu fighting we’ve come to expect from these funny-looking yellow bastards.

It was reported that an ABC cameraman got pushed to the ground, which doesn’t bother us in the least. A woman had her hair pulled and was jostled by the protesters and again we couldn’t give a toss. The specific mentioning of this woman means she was obviously an Australian supporting pro-democracy forces and deserved everything she got simply for encouraging them. She should have been off cleaning a kitchen or having babies or something not getting involved in a stoush between noodle eaters.

According to media reports, the Vic Police were, as usual, caught unaware and, most likely on orders from Daniel Andrews, that state’s communist premier, concentrated most of their efforts on containing the pro-democracy side.

As the night wore on the number of Chinese protesters on both sides swelled to the hundreds, and soon each side began chanting slogans as the crowd topped the 1000 mark.

A Chinese nationalist reportedly yelled at a pro-democracy supporter, “If you don’t like it, leave the country.”

The other replied, “We’re in Australia.”

We’re glad he noticed because you wouldn’t think so. Just why our cities should become a battleground for these divisive aliens is beyond us. It might have something to do with the end of the White Australia policy and a new program of de-Anglicising.

In Sydney, the turnout wasn’t as big, and the cops kept better order, but it was obvious to us that no Australian nationalists were present to beat these unruly intruders with billy clubs and cricket bats.

Hong Kong isn’t our fight and we’re not interested in either side, be it pro-democracy or the Daleks from the Communist Party. They all deserve to perish in one great nuclear strike. We wish to return to a time when the only Chinese allowed into the country were used for target practice.

Hong Kong is a filthy hole in which people are forced to live in tissue-boxes and pay several thousands of dollars a month for the privilege. It is a crime-riddled monolith of slum housing and oppressive high-rises in which the pigeons are the lucky ones.

The only Australians who care about this ongoing kerfuffle in Hong Kong are big business and government and they shouldn’t worry because it’s unlikely that the Chinese from the mainland would shoot the golden goose. They need Hong Kong to keep the wheels of their imperialist machine greased.

The protests are being driven by a coalition of capitalists and American Arab Spring vets who’ve been coaching the protest leaders in how to cause major disruptions. Frankly, it wouldn’t worry nationalists terribly if the mainland ordered the tanks in Tiananmen style, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Remember, too, that the whole thing is being coordinated by China which wants bloody conflicts on our streets. Knowing this should stoke even greater loathing and contempt for Chinese by Australians who are being targeted by pro-China protesters at these demonstrations. 

Australia’s only interest in China should be in seeing it wiped off the face of the map. It’s a threat to us and when we see scenes like this it presupposes that we have a duty to become involved. We don’t. It’s none of our effing business.

Last night no one in Melbourne could get a Kung Pow chicken or a bowl of Tom Yum
An aerial view of Melbourne's protest. But while they were up there they could have started lobbing bricks down on the crowd

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