A military boffin who worked as a senior Department of Defence official has warned that Australia had better beef up its defence or face annihilation from China.

He even warns that despite decades of Australian brownnosing the USA in all probability they’d welch on the deal and leave Australia isolated.

Professor Hugh White has just published a book ‘How to Defend Australia’. The central argument of his tome is that Australia needs to start building up its defence capability in order for us to stand alone. However, he says, this will take decades but the longer we put it off the more our position in East Asia worsens.

Times have changed since the Cold War alliance between Australia and America against the Soviet Union. Back then communism was a global threat and there were valid reasons for helping us out. In turn, we supported them in pointless, stupid wars like Vietnam, as well as their bogus War on Terror which led to the murder of Arab statesman Saddam Hussein.

Hugh argues that in a trilateral beef with China, Russia, India and Europe, all nuclear-powers, would intervene to stem China’s expansion. This is not forgetting Japan, which humiliated China during the war and would no doubt love to do so again, just for old time’s sake. American logic would, therefore, dictate that becoming involved in a conflict between China and Australia would be unnecessary and could only lead to more bother than it would be worth.

Frankly, the Yanks would leave us hanging, regardless of how much we supported their bullshit kosher wars.

White writes, “In a new Cold War Americans would have to ask whether saving Taiwan from China — and preserving US leadership in Asia — would be worth losing Los Angeles and Seattle.

“That means America’s own security does not depend on preventing China from dominating East Asia. Why then would America accept the costs and risks of trying to do that?”

He reckons that our best bet is in our geographical advantage. Any initial attack would require establishing offshore bases in places like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia or the Philippines. It was only in seizing these assets that Japan was able to threaten us during World War 2. But, of course, this would involve sucking up to these stroppy lingers and frankly, establishing nuclear bases would be a much better option.

We are already copping shit off dumb coconuts simply in the name of our national defence; we’re paying kickbacks to ungrateful Islanders who just want more and more. This is while blaming us for climate change when nothing has happened to their little sandbanks to even prove it’s real. Nothing good comes of Islanders and even less from having them here which any sort of quid pro quo reciprocal relationship invariably entails. Remember, Jonah from Tonga was more like a reality show than a comedy series. 

Australian Nationalists have long espoused a policy of defensive neutrality, which Professor White also posits (heh, with a surname like ‘White’ he would have to). We’ve also vehemently opposed the sale of major infrastructural assets such as airports, ports, farms, power and… seriously, we’re going to stop there because we shouldn’t even have to be making this point.

Bear in mind that with China using their “students” to provoke Australians at their protests in Sydney and Melbourne it would be a good idea to target Chinese nationalists. Film them, follow them, and if you get the chance, onion them. We may as well get in some practise now before the real thing starts.

Seriously, how dare they. We sat by once when they took over Canberra, we cannot let it happen again.

And if Australia does need a big friend, we couldn’t find one less interested in whether or not we pursued a White Australia Policy than Russia. Being tied to America entails bondage to Israel and all the worst evils of the world.

Still, when we talk about the Australian Defence Forces (are they still called that?) these days we’re talking a very Woke culture of inclusivity that reviles toxic masculinity and encourages transgender recruits. So it’s not just building up our military but purging it of all the detrimental waste, officers, and traitors who’ve turned it into a big drag show.


  1. Exactly right. The threat from Chinese imperialism is real, and the reality is that China uses ‘soft power’ very effectively. They also play the long game.
    No need for expensive and risky military adventures when you can just build up a sympathetic population in Australia to slowly take charge.
    I still have a copy of David Martin’s 1984 book called Armed Neutrality for Australia. While the global situation is different now from 1984, the idea of Australia looking ‘to herself for strength in the storm that’s yet to come’ remains valid.

    1. It’s also true that if – and only IF – Australia needs a great and powerful friend, Russia is the only option if the organic nation is our priority

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